Camelot Castle Hotel review: ‘Baltic Fawlty Towers’

Or, as another reviewer called Camelot Castle Hotel: ‘Fawlty Towers without the fun’ This review doesn’t say much but is noteworthy for the fact that it probably took Camelot Castle Hotel from “#2 Hotel in All of Khazakstan, sorry, Tintagel” to “#3 Hotel in all of Tintagel” in TripAdvisor’s popularity rating. Shows the reality medicine … Continue reading

Venables meets Scientology: with PR like this, who needs enemies?

Jon Venables – the perfect recruit for Scientology. PR fail! Ah, thank you Jon Venables. If there’s one thing you did good in your miserable, child-killing, child-porn-watching life it’s declare your interest in joining the ‘Church’ of Scientology. Judging by this piece of newspaper bad news (just the kind of thing that ‘printing buddies’ John … Continue reading

Ted Stourton prices

What’s a Ted Stourton worth these days? Not a lot and falling. If you’re here because you bought a Ted Stourton original in the gloomy basement of Camelot Castle Hotel while he sang to you and shone a light through some canvases while dispensing gobbets of Scientology wisdom and you were hoping it had gone … Continue reading

Ted Stourton Art Valuation

Art expert travels to Camelot Castle Hotel to value Ted Stourton’s paintings

New Camelot Castle Hotel horror review on TripAdvisor: “Never again”

Camelot Castle Hotel guest figures the owners must be living in ‘Cloud Cuckoo Land’ From all the evidence we’ve seen so far, we’d have to say they’re spot on. To the uninitiated Ted and John live in ‘cloud cuckoo land’. To those of us in the know, it’s called ‘Scientology’. The results are the same: … Continue reading

Guess who’s most worried?

Yes, no surprise. It’s John Mappin. This blog’s stats reveal that the search phrase bringing most traffic to this site on a daily basis is ‘john mappin scientology’ with 159 visits for that phrase. This tells us that John’s the fellow with the most to hide, who is the most troubled by our gentle (but … Continue reading

The good, the bad and the ugly – Camelot Castle Hotel

Camelot Castle Hotel TripAdvisor review spread tells its own story This graphic hardly needs explaining. Good hotels have a lot of positive reviews and a few bad ones where things have gone wrong or the hotel just hasn’t been to someone’s taste. Bad hotels have lots of negative reviews because they’re simply failing to deliver … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel: “The most bizarre place in Cornwall”

Latest Camelot Castle Hotel TripAdvisor review says it all – including the dreaded ‘Scientology’ word This is a great review – written by someone who paid their good money to stay at Camelot Castle Hotel. In return for that money, they were subjected to the grandiosity of the hotel’s Scientology owners. Clearly written, complimentary in … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel’s no-booze idea. Wonder how long that lasted?

Friends of Narconon-styled idea lasted, what.. 1? 2 months? It’s all very well having a dream of a world free from alcohol – especially if you’ve had some drug and alcohol problems yourself, been through Narconon and come out the other side as a fully ‘cured’ Scientologist. Which is why, presumably, John Mappin and Ted … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel: “Unbelievable Con” says review

Before it got pulled for mentioning Scientology So we’ve preserved it here so that it has a chance of doing what the reviewer who stayed there intended it to do: to help prevent someone else from having L.Ron Hubbard and awful paintings shoved down their throats when all they want is a decent quality stay … Continue reading