Find out what previous employees think

People claiming to be former employees are starting to share their experiences

Camelot Castle Hotel recruits and employs primarily Polish staff. A number of worrying comments are starting to appear in various places online about the treatment of employees – particularly in relation to the working conditions and the requirement to study scientology materials.

Why We Protest forum

This long thread about John Mappin and Camelot Castle Hotel contains (mid way through) some disturbing extracts from Polish workers posting on other sites and direct comments from contributors such as ‘Alona’ who says she was a faciourite of the Mappins and being ‘groomed’ for the Sea Org.

“well all i can say is that this was really big trauma.
the conditions were really bad. actually i have to admit that they never registered me there. i was the only one who was working without any social security number. i don’t know why.
first i have to read way to happiness and they asked me questions about what i read. then i had to read dianetics and other crap. they gave me pills and when i left this place they were pretending that they didn’t know about my leaving so they didn’t pay me. i had to beg them for my money when i get back home.
i stayed there for a summer break and i wanted to earn money for my university. i worked a lot and i earned nothing.
i was their favourite and because of them i had no friends there because everyone was scared that i am one of them and i can tell some things about hotel staff.
i really wanna warn everyone. do not go to work there! it is a mess. i am still a mess. i believed them and i was way to deep into this scientology crap so that’s why i am scared now”

This secondary thread (on the same issue) provides more on these claims and experiences.

A long sequence of comments on this Polish site reveal some worrying allegations, countered by some contributors who are clearly apologists. If you’re interested, take any suspicious-looking block of text and put it into a Google translator – taking care to “create gaps between full stops.And the next sentences” in the original Polish (for best results).  You’ll get the idea if you play around with it.

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