Friends of Camelot! As you know, we are scientologists..

29th July 2010

“Dear Friends of Camelot Castle,

As many of you know we have been Scientologists for many years. Nearly twenty years ago we were most fortunate to have been among the very first in the world to have been fully briefed in the United States as to the wonderful and quite incredible discoveries that L Ron Hubbard the founder of Scientology made about life.

That briefing included the discoveries of Dianetics OpenDNS Scientology Official Church of Scientology: L. Ron Hubbard, Dianetics, What is Scientology?, Books, Beliefs, David Miscavige and indeed the up coming release of Superpower ( A most spectacular scientific breakthrough in the Humanities by L Ron Hubbard that is to be be released very soon).

Ted, Irina and I and our loyal team at Camelot Castle have always been and are 100% supportive of what the Church of Scientology and its leader has been doing since that time. What L Ron Hubbard has discovered and delivered to this world is nothing short of a miracle and for that reason he is loved and admired the world over. The web sites above and below now boast over 400 on line videos that explain exactly why what is has been released and made available is so precious to us all.

This last fortnight we are delighted to let you, our friends, know that THREE NEW IDEAL CHURCHES that we have had the honor to help create have now opened.

The First is in Mexico City

Scientology opens new National Organization for Mexico in the City of Palaces | Scientology Newsroom – Church of Scientology International

The Second is in Pasadena.

New Ideal Scientology Church in Pasadena, California | Scientology Newsroom – Church of Scientology International

The Third is in Seatle

Church of Scientology Dedicates New Building for the Pacific Northwest | Scientology Newsroom – Church of Scientology International

Over 45 such new churches are planned worldwide and in the coming months and when you know what we know and are fully briefed as to what they will bring to people as they open I am sure that you will agree that they simply can’t open fast enough.

This letter is an invitation to you your family and your friends to look at what is occurring with scientology now and to use what is useful.

I am sure that you will find the above new websites and press releases most interesting and informative and will join us in celebrating this wonderful achievement.

Warmest Wishes and may God bless you and all those whom you love,

John, Irina and Ted”

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