Friends of Camelot! The harmful drugging of our local old people..

3rd Aug 2010

Dear Friends of Camelot Castle,

We are writing to you today about a very important local issue.


It has come to our attention through our media group and our research that in this local area several individuals and families have been the victims of very toxic psychiatric and psychotropic drugs.

Cornwall and the southwest is a region that has been one of the hardest hit by this dreadful situation.

In fact we would be extremely surprised if you do not know at least one person who has been effected (sic) by this.

The situation has become so serious that we are now discovering between five to ten people a day locally who themselves have been effected (sic) or know someone local who has been effected (sic). Often it is the elderly or young children and disadvantaged that have been targeted.

Yesterday we learned of a two year old boy who is now on two different types of these highly dangerous drugs who lives in this area.

In the United States and all over Europe now tens of thousands of civil and criminal law suits are pending and are in progress against the drug companies who are responsible.

But the legal process can be a slow one and we cannot wait and stand by while lives are being harmed. In any case no amount of money covers the loss of a loved one.

So today we present your (sic) and your family and friends the enclosed film and when you see it for yourself, we are sure you will understand why Camelot Castle has funded copies of this go (sic) into every household in Tintagel and to some of our surrounding villages and towns…do watch it immediately and pass it on to those you love or who need to know about this…More copies are available at Camelot Castle for free and the entire film is posted on the internet at where it can be watched for free so you can send it to your friends and distant family.

The knowledge in this film is vital. Let’s do something about this.

All our love,

John, Irina and Ted”

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