Friends of Camelot! The Way To Happiness!

July 2010

“Dear Friends of Tintagel and Camelot Castle,

In Tintagel we are so fortunate in so many ways.

Our village is one of the friendliest in all of England and this in no small part is due to the kindness and warmth of the people that live here.

Over the last few years we have been helping in the creation of a new film.

The Film is called THE WAY TO HAPPINESS and is based on a book by the same name by the writer and philosopher L Ron Hubbard.

Recently L Ron Hubbard won the prestigious award from the GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS for being the most translated author of all time. You may have read other books of his.

“THE WAY TO HAPPINESS” is one of his most read works. It is quite brilliant in our opinion. And can have far reaching and extremely beneficial effects in any community.

The ideas and truths that it contains have done so much for our family, so we wanted to share it with you and with your family.

You can get extra copies from [link] The Way To Happiness: Moral Character Teaching, Good Advice, Ethical Values, Happier Life Virtues but one copy is our personal gift to you. (Contact reception at Camelot Castle for your free copy)

It is our way of thanking you for having been such wonderful neighbors and friends and for helping to create one of the friendliest villages in all England and indeed the world.

Do by all means pass this film and in so doing its powerful message on to others that you know.

It is our goal to help give a copy of this to every family in England, Europe and indeed the world within the next few months but we wanted you our friends and neighbors to be one of the first to see it.

Warmest Wishes from Camelot Castle,

John, Irina, and Ted and all our Staff at Camelot Castle”

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