Camelot Castle Hotel has an office set aside for L.Ron Hubbard…probably

At least that’s what most scientology ‘churches’ (called ‘Orgs’) do

Why? Because they believe he’s coming back.

We’ll be filling you in on some basic details about L.Ron Hubbard along the way, including his depression, the medication that didn’t cure him and the psychiatrists that failed to help him when he begged them to fix him for free.

Could those formative experiences have anything to do with scientology’s current and all-consuming hatred of the psychiatric professions, the pharmaceutical industry and the doctors who prescribe medication for psychiatric disorders? Mmm. We wonder.

Meanwhile, here’s a picture of the troubled science fiction writer who created a self-help system founded on a hatred of the drugs industry and psychiatry, sold it to millions of people who practiced it on each other for money and then turned it into a religion with a ready-made congregation ready to pay large sums of money to study their way towards ‘the bridge to total freedom’.

When L.Ron Hubbard died (holding the slightly revealing title ‘Chairman of the Board’), his place was taken by David Miscavige.

With the recent defection of many high-ranking, long-time scientologists, Mr. Miscavige’s reputation is taking a battering. We’ll aim to provide some juicy links to interviews and reports from those recent defectors so you can form an opinion of the new C.O.B. as he’s known.

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