L.Ron begs for help: the root of scientology?

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Is there any relation between this letter and scientology’s hatred of Psychiatry and the use of drugs to treat mental illness?

It’s 1947. Depressed, unbalanced and medicated ex-serviceman Lafayette Ron Hubbard begs his Veterans Administration for free psychiatric help.

He doesn’t get it.

L.Ron then goes on to invent Dianetics, a ‘self-help’ system founded on his desperate need to control his spiralling moods and behaviours.  Read these documents [link coming soon] for a shocking insight into his thinking and his struggle at the time.

When Dianetics becomes popular with millions of people suffering the same kinds of issues as himself, L.Ron creates ‘Scientology’ – a new ‘religion’ with a science-fiction story at its core. Scientology is, unsurprisingly, obsessed with saving the world by  waging war on the Psychiatric profession and the use of drugs in treating mental disorders.

Give the above, it probably comes as no surprise that, according to Scientologists, only Scientology can fix those disorders.

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