L.Ron’s ‘Admissions’ – the root of scientology?

L.Ron’s personal writings believed to show his struggle to control himself and his inadequacy

Written in 1947 (the time when he made a plea for psychiatric help), these writings were at first called ‘L.Ron Hubbard’s ‘Affirmations’ ‘.  They are now known as ‘L.Ron Hubbard’s ‘Admissions’ ‘ since this is what they appear to be: admissions of a man’s weaknesses, expressed as an attempt to think himself into wellness.

This work is not for the squeamish. It shows Hubbard trying to come to terms with his ‘very bad masturbatory history’ and reverse his non-existent libido.. and much more besides. We provide this link so that you can make up your own mind about the origins of scientology.

I don’t know about you, but this example paragraph – from a section of the ‘Admissions’ in which he addresses himself in a form of self-hypnosis – tells me pretty much all I need to know about Hubbard.

“You are not a coward. Fist fighting had no bearing on your courage. You were ill when you were fought before. You did not understand the rules. You can whip anyone now and have no physical fear of hand to hand fighting. They who fought you before were knaves and fools. You would be merciless to them now. Nothing can stand up to your fighting now. You are strong and wonderful in combat. You never know fear or defeat. You refrain from fighting because you are too powerful.”

Click here to read all of Hubbard’s ‘Admissions’ (provided by long time Scientology critic, Gerry Armstrong)

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