Ted Stourton: absorbing your dead brother’s identity? Weird.

Camelot Castle artist Ted Stourton seems to have absorbed his late brother’s achievements

In 2008, Ted told the Western Morning News (a newspaper that seems to have printed quite a lot of uncritical PR for Stourton and the Mappins) that he traded in Aboriginal art. WMN reporter Neil Young wrote:

“His own background is a strong example of the possibilities for others. Ted started painting at an early age but did not become a serious commercial success until around the age of 40. Before that he was buying and selling art, with a speciality in Aboriginal work

My emphasis.

Interestingly, some basic research reveals that, in fact, it was his brother Patrick Corbally Stourton (who died in a plane crash in 2002) who was the Aboriginal art dealer, as confirmed in the Times Online’s report on Patrick’s life in here.

What’s the story, Ted?

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