Friends of Camelot! Meet our beloved L.Ron Hubbard

Who appears to be….

…a different L.Ron Hubbard to the one factually documented by the rest of the world. When you find out a little bit about him (even the things Wikipedia has to say, far less these kind of things) it’s no wonder.

Interesting also to note that this email doesn’t refer to Hubbard the founder of a ‘religion’ but Hubbard the founder of a ‘humanitarian movement’.

So it’s ‘religion’ when it comes to tax breaks and immunity from scrutiny and criticism but ‘humanitarian movement’ when it comes to recruitment, eh?

“Dear Friends of Camelot and our Noble Ambassadors,

If you have ever been interested as to what sort qualities a man would have, that could, and would in one lifetime, found the fastest expanding and most effective humanitarian movement on earth today or if you have ever wondered how and why he did so………Then here is your answer.

Today allow us to introduce you to the very best friend that we have ever had.

L Ron Hubbard.

You might, when you look into it, also discover that he has been a good friend to you and your family too…..perhaps without your even knowing it.

Click this link [disabled] below and enter a new world and a new reality.

Official L. Ron Hubbard Site: Life Biography, Pictures, Video, Dianetics & Scientology Books and Lectures

This, (to misquote a Churchillian concept) is the “very beginning of the beginning” for L Ron Hubbard is the source of a great many things. Some of those things are here already, and some are still to come… in fact from our research into his life’s work, it is our opinion that the best is yet to come…..and while you may think you have heard L Ron Hubbard’s story before and know who he is…..there is another higher tale that you and your friends may have missed and may not have glimpsed.

This new website represents several million hours of production and work…. We hope you enjoy it.
It is stunningly designed and has just gone live. We are delighted to introduce you to it and to invite you to be among the very first in the world to see it and to experience it.

It moves the communication power of the internet to a whole new level.

It tells the true story of L. Ron Hubbard…… Indeed this is the only place on the internet that presents and tells that story accurately and in a way that does the story some measure of the justice that it deserves.

Do please be our guest and forward this on and do introduce our best friend to your best friends.

It is a tremendously exciting thing to do and something that you can be very proud to have done.

We are deeply honored to have played our part and to be among those who can call L Ron Hubbard their friend.

All our love,

John, Irina and Ted”

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