Marek Wojciechowski’s postcard from ‘magical’ Camelot Castle hotel

General Manager tries to stem the tide of negative press at home…

…probably with Irina Mappin looking over his shoulder, according to Polish WhyWeProtest forum contributor and ex-Camelot worker Alona’.

Marek’s is the latest comment on a Polish site that hosts a lot of critical comments from ex-employees about working conditions and alleged ‘Scientology brainwashing’.

You can’t help noticing that Marek’s writing to the same script as the 5-star TripAdvisor reviews for this hotel.  The clues?  You’ve got to mention the wonderful Mr Mappin, Mrs Mappin, Ted Stourton all by name.  Everything is wonderful and everyone’s happy . And of course, the word ‘magical‘ has to be in it – just like the reviews.

Name: Marek Wojciechowski in CCH since: July 2004 Working as: General Manager

Like every young men after graduation I was looking for the right place for myself, where I could feel like home and I could make my dreams come true. My youth was gone really fast as I was travelling around the world and I was studying all the time. My job in NY and Chicago gave me self confidence and I was sure that the whole world is all for me and I am not suppose to be scared of life challenges.That’s why in 2004 I made a decision which changed my whole life.

Going to UK. Now, when I know all the stories from other people I know how lucky I was that I came into CCH. Since this day when I came in to this impressing castle on the cliff I started the most amazing part of my life. The huge bonus is living and working in this pretty and cool place like Tintagel in Cornwall, but the truth is that this CCH woldn’t be as ;lovely place as it is now without its owners Mr John Mappin, Mrs Irina Mappin and Mr Ted Stourton.

During my travelling and living in Poland and USA I’ve met a lot of different people but non of them was so caring and wonderful as Mr and Mrs Mappin. Since I started working for them they were always giving me respect and they were really helpful. The needs of guests and their staff are always on the first place and they never go to rest until they are sure that everybody are happy and doing great.

I started my work in CCH as general assistant but thanks to my hard work I achieved something incredible. I came there right after I graduated and I became manager of this magical hotel in UK. This is true that if you really want something and you work really hard on that your dreams come true. Mr and Mrs Mappin always knew that we, polish people have a lot to offer and that’s why this hotel is home for a lot of us and it will be for another polish people.

All I can say that whole staff is like one big family. Most of us is here for so many years and it doesn’t count where are you from. It matters that we all can build beautiful hotel where our client would feel like at home. Personally I think that this is incredible that every day I see our guests happy and grateful. For them CCH is like second home and they keep coming back for so many years. I just can’t imagine to live and work somewhere else.

I am just so happy to be here.

Best regards Marek Wojciechowski

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