“Ted Stourton stuns the fine art world”

That’s one way of putting it.

Its good having your own ‘newspaper’ isn’t it? John, Irina and Ted publish the weird ‘Westminster Independent’ which is full of their own good news and positive opinions about themselves and what they’re doing.

Of course, this paper has nothing to do with Westminster but it sounds grand. In reality, it’s a Scientology rag, given to unsuspecting hotel guests and god knows who else.

One of its aims seems to be to try to convince the world that Ted Stourton is a great artist. Another is to introduce people to various ‘front’ organisations controlled by Scientology via features about human rights issues, drug and alcohol problems and ads for aspirational, up-beat sounding training courses. Behind all of these things is Scientology.

So has Ted Stourton stunned the fine art world? If he has, the internet hasn’t heard about it yet. I couldn’t find anyone talking about Ted’s paintings in any fine art circles, anywhere.

The only place we could find a Ted Stourton painting being discussed (far less sold) was here.

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