Mystery helicopter guests – not exactly an answer…

… but a neat piece of body language analysis from AnotherSock at the WhyWeProtest forum. You can almost imagine this framed in the entrance hall of Camelot Castle Hotel. Or not 😉

BTW – in case you don’t know, the scribbled gobbledegook on the right of the picture is L.Ron Hubbard’s hand-written ‘OT III’ story (also known as the ‘Xenu’ story on which Scientology is based).

The story goes something like this:

95 million years ago, Xenu, lord of the universe (or whatever), brought 178 billion people from each of 76 planets to earth in DC8-shaped space-planes where he buried them in the base of a load of volcanoes and then detonated H-bombs on them and killed them all…

Scientologists go to great lengths to deny claims by ex-members and critics who assert that this story is the ‘core’ knowledge that it costs a Scientologist around $200,000 in ‘studies’ to access. You can’t exactly blame them, though. I mean, if you knew this when the nice young man offered you a ‘free stress test’ in the High St, you’d run a mile.

Note the word ‘crime’ makes it’s first appearance in the Scientology lexicon. For a close up of the document, click here.

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