New staff website reveals plush living conditions

A new Camelot Castle Hotel staff website appears 31.07.10 to ‘present the true stories of real people’

Just as the PR war warms up between concerned anti-scientology groups and the scientologist owners of Camelot Castle Hotel, a new website appears (hosted in Poland) to let the staff of the hotel tell, in their own words and pictures, how good it is to be working there.

So far, the site is nothing more than about 5 or 6 pages with very little on them and some photographs of staff doing fun things, like posing in their Scientology-style Sea Org uniforms, eating cake in what looks like a really manky kitchen (with Ted lurking in the background taking pictures) and going karting.

Expect gushing accounts about how wonderful Mr and Mrs Mappin are, how kind and lovely the marvellous Mr Ted Stourton is, how everyone is happy and what a magical place it is etc.

For the eagle-eyed among you, the newspaper clipping says “Cornwall plays host to human rights festival” which, as we all know by now, should actually read “Cornwall plays host to Scientology front-group, Youth For Human Rights International

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