Camelot Castle Hotel’s “wall of ego”

Camelot Castle Hotel’s reception is filled with pictures of John Mappin rubbing shoulders with celebs

John Mappin is desperate to convince the world that he’s not a failure.

Unfortunately, all the evidence points to the opposite being the case. Judging by the state of Camelot Castle Hotel, the 180 1 & 2* TripAdvisor reviews and his complete failure to achieve any of the megalomaniacal ambitions he shared with Western Morning News’ Janet King in 2000, John Mappin isn’t what you’d call a successs.  But he can’t see it because the more John Mappin fails, the bigger his ego becomes.

The cheesy pictures in the lobby, the ‘Westminster Independent’ newspaper, the ‘cutting an album in the studio’, the devotion to Scientology and the Bentley parked permanently outside are all his ways of trying to persuade visitors that he’s really…. somebody.

It’s clear the guests aren’t fooled. When they walk into the hotel, they form an instant, and pretty accurate impression of the man. A recent reviewer wrote:

“I was fascinated by the wall of ego that greets you upon arrival to the point that I laughed out loud!”

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