Marketing of Madness DVD: what qualifies this cult to pronounce…

…on how to care for people with psychiatric disorders?

If you’ve recently received the ‘Marketing of Madness’ DVD from Scientologists John and Irina Mappin and Ted Stourton at Camelot Castle Hotel, you might find yourself wondering exactly what qualifies this cult to critique the entire psychiatric profession and to offer the ‘treatments’ of L.Ron Hubbard as an alternative?

What gives them the right to push this, and other L.Ron Hubbard material at the most vulnerable people in your family and in your community: children, the elderly and those with addiction and mental health problems?


Certainly not the death of Lisa McPherson in 1995. Lisa McPherson was a young Scientologist with mental health issues. She gave most of her money to Scientology to ‘study’ her way up to the ‘Bridge to total freedom’. Following a minor traffic accident, she suffered a breakdown. Scientology ‘handlers’ (acting according to their brainwashing with L.Ron Hubbard’s hatred of the Psychiatric profession) removed her from the Psychiatric hospital she was in and held her captive in a hotel for 17 days, ‘treating’ her in the Scientology way.

At the end of this period of ‘care’, McPherson was dead.

Instead of taking the lifeless woman to the nearest emergency room, her ‘handlers’ drove some 45 minutes to a hospital where they knew a Scientologist doctor would be on duty.

Lisa McPherson is not the only death attributed to the ‘care’ prescribed by L.Ron Hubbard.

Find out more here.  View the shocking autopsy photographs released by her family.

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