Friends of Camelot! Bad people are attacking us

So we’re hitting back with the words of L.Ron Hubbard reconstituted into poetry

It seems like the public outrage against John Mappin’s unholy mix of scientology and hotel ownership is hurting. The bad TripAdvisor reviews are now so numerous (180+ 1 and 2* slatings) that no amount of fake 5* reviews can cover the bad smell.

To John Mappin, those reviews and the discussion about Camelot Castle Hotel on the WhyWeProtest forum isn’t feedback, it’s a vicious and unfair attack on him by people who are frightened by his, ahem, success. He doesn’t hear that people are sick of him, Irina and Ted pushing Scientology onto unsuspecting guests, visitors and local people.

Read the ‘poem’ at the end of this email. It’s a rant from L.Ron Hubbard about how Scientologists should handle this kind of vicious, unprovoked and thoroughly undeserved attack by ‘madmen’ critical of Scientologists. Note the implied threat of violence from a man who, according to his own cringe-inducing ‘Admissions‘, was completely unmanned when called to stand up for himself in a fight.

Dear Friends,


You can order your own copy now from

YOU CAN ALSO NOW SEE IT ON LINE AT Cornwall Holiday Accommodation in Luxury | Camelot Castle and at Camelot Castle Celebration – The Secret of Camelot Castle on Vimeo
We are sending last weeks email again as for some reason it did not go out to some and we had such rave reviews of the clip from others… pass this on.

Dear Friends of Camelot,

Something wonderful happened at Camelot Castle today. A young lady arrived here, with her husband, on honeymoon it turned out that she is friends with the person who bought the first ever Ted Stourton painting – (We have been wondering for years where this particular painting is and now we know!.)

Ted has now sold over 8500 original fine art paintings since that time.

This week Ted’s work has been selected to represent Britain’s contemporary artists in a new publication and we were delighted to discover that the painting being used for that purpose is one that has been owned for some months by a local of Tintagel.

It is a stunning piece and it does not surprise us at all that this is the one that was selected. The family tells us it is not for sale!!! Smile emoticon

So today reminded us of the journey and the fun that we have had along the road with you all, our Friends of Camelot and our Noble Ambassadors, you have all helped.

Thank you all for making this easily the best year that Camelot Castle and Ted Stourton has ever had.


We would like to share this piece of wisdom with you today….. This amazing Short Film has been made of one of our favorite quotes.

Do watch it and keep it on hand. It is a few minutes……but it could change your eternity.

The Way To Happiness: Moral Character Teaching, Good Advice, Ethical Values, Happier Life Virtues


“Sometimes others

seek to crush one down, to make nothing

out of one’s hopes and dreams,

one’s future and oneself.

By ridicule and many other means,

another who is evil-intentioned

toward one can try to bring about

one’s decline.

For whatever reason,

efforts to improve oneself,

to become happier in life,

can become the subject of attacks.

It is sometimes necessary

to handle such directly.

But there is a long-range handling

that seldom fails.

What, exactly,

are such people trying to do to one?

They are trying to reduce one downward.

They must conceive that one is dangerous to them in some way:

that if one got up in the world,

one could be a menace to them.

So, in various ways, such seek to

depress one’s talents

and capabilities.

Some madmen

even have a general plan

that goes like this:

“If A becomes more successful,

A could be a menace to me;

therefore I must do all I can

to make A less successful.”

It never seems to occur to such

that their actions might make

an enemy out of A even though

he was no enemy before.

It can be classed as an almost certain way

for such madmen to get into trouble.

Some do it just from prejudice

or because they “don’t like someone.”

But however it is attempted,

the real object of such

is to make their target

grow less and fail in life.

The real handling

of such a situation and such people,

the real way to defeat them

is to flourish and prosper.

Oh, yes, it is true that such people,

seeing one improve his lot,

can become frantic

and attack all the harder.

The thing to do is

handle them if one must

but don’t give up

flourishing and prospering,

for that is what such people

want you to do.

If you

flourish and prosper

more and more,

such people

go into apathy about it:

they can give it up completely.

If one’s aims in life

are worthwhile,

if one carries them out

with some attention

to the precepts in this book,

if one flourishes and prospers,

one certainly will

wind up the victor.

And, hopefully,

without harming

a single hair on their heads.

And that is my wish for you:

flourish and prosper!”

– L . Ron Hubbard –

All our love

John, Irina and Ted.

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