Ted Stourton: Why would people judge me?

This preachy line from Camelot Castle Hotel’s latest gushing 4* ‘review’ smells of Ted..

But of course, we can’t be sure. We’ll leave you to make up your own minds:

“The massive paintings by Ted Stourton are sometimes decorative and bling and sometimes spectacularly beautiful and peaceful. Again, nothing that they can be compared to so cant be judged. Why would I want to judge them anyway?

Sorry, Ted. We’d have to disagree on two points there.

First, there are plenty of things to compare your ‘art’ to (like the rest of the world’s art? And we’re being somewhat generous to you there.).

Secondly, why would someone want to judge them? Maybe because you pressure-sell them to your unsuspecting hotel guests, for starters?

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