Camelot Castle Hotel reviews and TripAdvisor’s inconsistent forum policy

Recent spate of quickly closed threads about Camelot Castle Hotel reveals a distinctly inconsistent approach from TripAdvisor

Guest post by Anonymous (click here to read his deleted comments)

Every time someone starts a ‘Camelot Castle Hotel’ thread on the TripAdvisor forums, it quickly results in a number of posts concerning the Scientology antics of Mssrs Mappin and Stourton and their role in the bad press about this hotel.  This then seems to be followed by a panicked round of post deletions and a hurried closing of the topic.

There have been three such topics: here, here and most recently, here. (**update – don’t bother clicking the links – TripAdvisor has removed the latest thread entirely and almost everything else in the first two**).

What’s clear is that the hotel is jumping on the ‘report this comment’ buttons in desperation. TripAdvisor’s response is inevitably to pull the post (see above) without giving specific reasons. That leaves us to assume that TA is fearful of coming under attack for that old Sci favourite: ‘religious discrimination’. You bet!

It’s a pretty transparent display of TripAdvisor’s inconsistency.  They’re happy to publish 180 or more highly critical guest reviews, many of which refer explicitly to the owners’ unwelcome scientological attentions, but seem unwilling to permit debate about the very same issues in their forums.

If TA or CCH hotel think that this approach leaves them unblemished, they’re mistaken.

Right now, these threads loudly proclaim ‘Whooaa! Trouble!’ Of course, TA could go one step further and remove these threads altogether (they’re almost there) – but what would the people watching think? And what trail would that leave in the permanent internet record for others to judge?

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