Ted Stourton butterfly art: who are we to judge?

Exclusive preview: Ted Stourton’s butterfly paintings

We’re proud to bring you an exclusive shot of the legendary ‘plastic butterfly art’ that is fast becoming quite literally synonymous with the name Ted Stourton.

This isn’t your average, run of the mill kitsch. No, this is magical and mythological. This is cult kitsch. Plastic butterflies glued to some sort of gloopy paint swirls and signed by the beloved man himself. Word has it that the value of Ted’s work is going through the roof – according to John Mappin’s in-house Camelot Castle Hotel ‘newspaper’ (read Scientology Free-Ads).

One Response to “Ted Stourton butterfly art: who are we to judge?”
  1. The value of Ted’s paintings is increasing almost as fast as Scientology is expanding!

    It’s booming! It’s through the roof! It’s, er…

    Oh, wait… the cult halved in size in the first seven years of the 21st century.

    Sooner or later, Ted will have to wake up and leave the cult himself. And who knows? Then he might paint something I’d want. Some mental freedom and some sanity, and he might actually become an artist.

    Right now, it is to fine art what ‘Battlefield Earth’ was to cinema.


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