Ted Stourton’s ‘Light Box’: the truth

Camelot Castle Hotel’s infamous ‘Light Box attraction…

…nicely summed up by three guest who had the misfortune of experiencing it firsthand:

“The Lightbox is an experience alright – a truly uncomfortable one – You decide to act upon your curiosity to see what all the fuss is about and find yourself sitting through a deathly uncomfortable silence after being told what your painting is worth and how much Ted will sell it to you for.”

“The ‘surprise’ of the Lightbox was a complete waste of time. What was that all about?! We were shown some random artwork (not very good) in front of a light. We had no idea what that was all about. …..until Ted made us to buy his worthless paintings.”

“I’ve just googled Ted Stourton’s art. There’s a piece going at a London auction next week, guide price £50-£70. So don’t get duped into buying any if you do go. The 40 or so pieces hung all over the castle say it all really. Its worthless.”

One Response to “Ted Stourton’s ‘Light Box’: the truth”
  1. It’s as if Ted Stourton has the mind of a child. He produces crude, garish daubs that try to fake their way into impressionism, but just look like something a four year old would do with one of those ‘bumper box of art materials’ sets that you see in the high street.

    For some reason, he thinks that sticking them in a cellar and revealing them “magically” his silly ‘light box’ gadget gives them some kind of special quality. If I want colours that glow, I’ll look at an image on a computer screen. Sweet Xenu, Ted… don’t you get it? Obviously not.

    Camelot C’arsehole Hotel… where the ‘fine art’ is anything but fine!

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