Camelot Castle Hotel enlists the help of international art experts to silence critics

Latest Camelot Castle Hotel video suggests feedback from the wider world is hurting

Ted and John are clearly feeling the heat of all this attention focused on their Scientology operation at Camelot Castle Hotel. For starters, they’re no longer in control of the bad news about their activities.

And up until now, John and Ted  have been happily performing to unsuspecting guests, bamboozled coach parties and hand-picked ‘Light Box’ victims.  That, however, has now changed. Now the real world is looking in on what they’re doing – and judging them rather harshly for it.  Unsurprisingly, John Mappin and Ted Stourton don’t like it at all.

In the face of mounting criticism of his Scientology agenda, his over-inflated ego; his mediocre art and the hard-selling of his paintings in the ‘Light Box attraction’, Ted has responded with the following video in an attempt to convince his critics that we’re all wrong and that he is in fact really, really talented and wonderful.

To some people, critical feedback is an indicator that they need to change something. To Scientologists, on the other hand, it’s evidence of their basic story: that they’re right and everyone else is wrong and out to get them. It’s a self-sealing, impenetrable logic that ensures (in the words of a recent Anon comment) ‘that everything they touch turns to shit’.

One Response to “Camelot Castle Hotel enlists the help of international art experts to silence critics”
  1. How dare you! Ted Stourton’s art is NOT “MEDIOCRE”!!!!!111!!11one

    It’s not that good.

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