How to stop Camelot Castle Hotel promoting Scientology: GPs and health workers

GPs and health workers in the vicinity of Camelot Castle Hotel, Tintagel

At a time when funding and resources are in decline, Scientology is be keen to offer much needed ‘help’ in the area of drug counselling, offender rehabilitation and mental health issues.

Scientology leader David Miscavige has declared that ‘Scientology has an absolute monopoly on effective solutions to the world’s problems’. To Scientologists, the ‘cure’ for illnesses, mental health problems and drug and alcohol addiction is.. yes, you’ve guessed it – Scientology.

Scientology has a pathological hatred of Psychiatric medicine. This stems directly from L.Ron Hubbard’s own experiences with mental illness, Psychiatry and medication.

L.Ron Hubbard taught Scientologists to wage a war against the ‘crimes’ of the Psychiatric profession. He also taught them that only they, Scientologists, had the ‘technology’ to cure all and any diseases (from cancer to drug addiction).

This is the foundation on which their ‘drug and alcohol’ programmes are built.

People with problems in these areas are especially vulnerable to the approach of Scientology. Please do not let financial pressure or ignorance about Scientology and its ‘front groups’ cause you to deliver vulnerable people into the hands of the cult recruiters.

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