How to stop Camelot Castle Hotel promoting Scientology: parents

Advice for parents about Camelot Castle Hotel and Scientology front groups and propaganda

Scientology targets vulnerable people to recruit into the cult. Please check out some of the ‘More about Scientology‘ links on the right hand side of this page if this is news to you.

The fact is that Scientology IS in Tintagel and it IS operating out of Camelot Castle Hotel. This is now openly acknowledged by Camelot Castle Hotel owner John Mappin himself. Mappin IS also distributing cult propaganda around the area in the form of letters, self-published newspapers and DVDs. You may already have received some in your home with titles like ‘The Way To Happiness’ and ‘The Marketing of Madness’.

This propaganda will do all it can to make Scientology seem like a harmless organisation dedicated to making the world a better place. Please make sure to find out as much as you can about Scientology before you decide to let your children or vulnerable young adults view or read this material.

Please also make sure you know the various front groups that Scientology uses to find new recruits.

These groups include:

• Narconon (drug and alcohol)

• Criminon (prisons and rehabilitation)

• Applied Scholastics

• The Way To Happiness Foundation

• Volunteer Ministers (helping in crises around the world)

• Association for Better Living and Education

• The World Institute of Scientology Enterprises

• Citizens Commission on Human Rights and Youth For Human Rights International (human rights issues)

These are all fronts for Scientology. The ‘educational’ material is all derived from the writings of L.Ron Hubbard.

If any of these groups comes to a school in your area or to a youth club or other group, please consider taking the matter up with the Head Teacher or group organiser.

These groups ARE Scientology in disguise. This is not conspiracy theory, it’s a fact about the way Scientology operates. Please keep your awareness high and share that awareness with other parents you know.

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