How to stop Camelot Castle Hotel promoting Scientology: tour operators and travel agents

Tour operators and travel agents running coach tours to Camelot Castle Hotel

Camelot Castle Hotel owners John and Irina Mappin and Ted Stourton have now stated openly that they are long-time Scientologists.

If you run coach tours to this hotel, please take the time to read the large number of highly critical guest reviews on TripAdvisor (use the link on the right hand side of this site). Compare them to the 5 star reviews that all seem to be written to a basic formula:  “fantastic experience, magical hotel, lovely Mr and Mrs Mappin, wonderful Ted Stourton, beautiful art, fantastic staff, don’t miss the light box, can’t wait to come again…”

Why are so many of those positive reviews the same? How can a hotel have so many ‘terrible’ and ‘excellent’ reviews at the same time? What’s really going on there?

When you’ve considered those questions, please ask yourself whether or not you want to book your coach tours to stay at this hotel.

How will your customers feel when they find themselves under pressure to buy a Stourton picture in the ‘Light Box’ basement? How will they feel about the shabby quality of the accommodation? How will they feel about being exposed to Scientology propaganda? How will they feel receiving Mappin’s Scientology email spam long after their stay?

Finally ask yourself how all of that will reflect on your business.

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