Camelot Castle Hotel PR offensive makes a joke out of TripAdvisor…

…and of Camelot Castle Hotel too 🙂

John and Ted’s PR machine is puffing along at full steam – and it’s great to watch. First there was the Polish workers web site. Then an steady increase in those scripted, 5* TripAdvisor reviews – you know, John and Ted, wonderful, talented, lovely staff, beautiful art, terrific LightBox, can’t wait to come back, magical….

Yesterday came this ‘fun’ video and this creepy one too. Lol.

And yesterday saw probably their cheekiest 5* review yet. So good, I’ve just got to publish it here:

A wonderful experience

I spent a lovely 3 days at the castle which was a wonderful break to get away too. John and Ted were some of the most wonderful people i have met and were very hospitable with there wonderful team on hand for any requirements we needed. The room was perfect with a wonderful view of the sea and coastline and was very spacious with an ensuite bathroom. The town nearby was excellent very close and had anything you needed, including galleries and information to give you more of an idea about the story behind the town. The meal we had on one of the nights at the castle was an excellent three course meal with a lot to offer. My favourite time at the castle was the Lightbox.. i wont give anything away but it is something you certainly want to see and Ted wasa true gentleman.”

Just in case you missed the point, Ted is a true gentleman, ok?

And now, the latest video in their series of ‘Why Ted Is Really Fantastic’ productions. Joking aside, there’s something very wrong about these people and this video. If this doesn’t freak you the hell out then we suspect nothing will 🙂

We implore you to watch it.

One question, though, John and Ted. How come these people use so many Scientology phrases after just one trip to the Light Box? Worrying.

And I just lurrrv the way John Mappin tries to wring a testimonial out of a that poor ‘gifted’ child (the one who doesn’t seem to be allowed to speak for himself). You can download an mp3 of that clip here – it’s a classic.

PS. Body language experts, enjoy!

PPS. notice how everyone has their coats on – trying to leave.

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