Duncan Williams pops up to defend John Mappin against ‘negativity’

Introducing Duncan Williams, defender of John Mappin, ‘friend of Narconon’

Duncan Williams

Director of Publishing at Independent News Ltd (see Facebook page) since 2008, says his LinkedIn profile. Featured on Christian MediaNet.org. Speaker at the Church and Media Network conference. Owner of the Bradwell Bugle. Apparently, he’s one of the ‘people of God making a difference’ according to the Evangelical Alliance.

Curious, then to find him firmly behind self-professed Scientologists John Mappin and Ted Stourton in today’s press release:

“It is sad to read so much negativity about the work that goes on at Camelot Castle,” says Duncan. “John Mappin, his wife Irina and resident artist Ted Stourton all contribute a huge amount to Cornwall. They offer their home as a base for debate about issues concerning local and national media.”

No, no, no, Duncan. What’s sad is the way that John, Irina, Ted and Marek use Camelot Castle Hotel to promote Scientology to unsuspecting guests, visitors, workers and local residents.

Do you know about the way they train their staff in L.Ron Hubbard materials? And that they regularly carpet-bomb the local population with L.Ron Hubbard Scientology DVDs? Do you know about the Scientology ads in Mappin’s free newspaper? Or the hard-sell in the basement to make people buy Ted’s paintings?

Do you know about the 180+ genuinely horrified reviews on TripAdvisor from people who were shocked and disgusted with their experience at John and Ted’s hands?

Of course you do.

You’re a good ‘friend of Narconon‘ aren’t you? 🙂 Note the ‘community news’ reporter behind that piece is none other than Alison Withey, Managing Director of Narconon, Hastings. Now that’s what I call truly independent good news, Duncan. Not.

For those not in the know, Narconon is one of L.Ron Hubbard’s ‘feeder’ groups for Scientology – an organisation that ‘cures’ alcohol and drug addicts… the Scientology way.

8 Responses to “Duncan Williams pops up to defend John Mappin against ‘negativity’”
  1. Jason says:

    I note that an account on flickr purports to host a copy of the Church of Scientology’s condemnation of Mr Duncan Williams – an SP declare. No I do not know what the significance of this is to Williams and Mappin’s cosy relationship. Trying to ‘make ammends’ perhaps.

    Explanations, anyone?


  2. This is a face that has been appearing in local news over here in Bournemouth all over the summer.Duncan Williams and his positive news campaign has been running in the The Peoples Paper across Bournemouth, Sandbanks, Swanage and Poole, (www.thepeoplespaper.co.uk )He has also been popping up in other titles and waxing positive on HopeFM.com on behalf of Independent News Ltd. Same company has been sponsoring serial radio ad campaigns on the station.Is this a prelude to the same tactic being used to brainwash Cornish residents in Tintagel?Where do these Scientologists get their money from?Mappin’s Bentley was definately seen parked near Swanage; it’s very easy to spot because of the very far from anonymous plates.So is Mappin pushing Independent News over in Dorset?Or is Williams actually bankrolling Mappin?Another hotel being established perhaps….There is a Church of Scientology in Poole.Anyone know any more..?Could we all be wiser just to ignore them all?………Maybe they’ll just go away!

    • Thank you Bournemouth_echo, interesting comment. I think that Mappin and Stourton get their money from filling their hotel with unsuspecting coachloads of old biddies (and a rapidly decreasing number of independent travellers).

      By all accounts, they spend precious little of it on fixing leaks, updating basic furniture or even paying their captive Poles, so should be enough left for Mappin’s Bentley.

      Any more Williams information gratefully received (we may not publish it, but we will follow up all leads and act on it later)

      Thank you!

    • cultwatcher says:

      Thank you for this tip. Check out ThePeoplesPaper.co.uk ……… I just did!Old editions advertising Dianetics,etc. You,ve guessed,it,s cult owned.Maybe another Mappin satellite media co.?Stone me,this guy has more pies than fingers!!!

  3. “Any more Williams information gratefully received”…… OK. Here goes:

    Lead suggests that Williams may well be,or have been, Mappin’s ‘auditor’ – the wacko guy that operates the lie detector thingie that the cult depends upon to drill confessionals out of vulnerable members.In which case,Williams must have an awful lot of dirt on our boy!Got some interesting stuff from the freelance (badly paid) journos employed to work on one of Duncan’s glossy mags.Apparently he’s a ‘qualified hypnotist’.He has a murky background in tabloid newspapers and wanted all his reporters and sales team to use ‘brainwashing techinues’ to boost both dirt digging and advertising sales.Sounds like a proper spooky dude to me.Even the cult got freaked by him…… And just to tie things together with a couple of odd ‘coincidences’.Duncan Williams was born in Plymouth (site of the cult’s new mega church) and grew up in Wadebridge in Cornwall,where,wait for it(!),John Mappin’s Camelot Castle and Independent Local Newspaper Ltd businesses are both registered!….. Anymore with anymore?You couldn’t make it up!

  4. Williams and Mappin, et al,are all occultists.The former took it all to extremes,by reforming ‘The Process’ method,an off-shot of official Hubbard ‘scripture.’The process’ was popular in the 1960s.(Google for more data).Hence the SP Delare Order on Duncan, as the current Scientology Church wants legit official religous status here in the UK- which, to date,been wisely denied them.Williams threatened this ambition with his involvement in mainstream scientology and the heirachy .Mappin is just as fundaental, though,people of Cornwall,and if you read your Hubbard you will see why Tintagel is soooooooo very important to the Cult of Scientology.The ‘Excalibur’ papers are one of L Ron’s earliest writings as the mad founder delved deeper and deeper into the Dark Arts #

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