What are the Scientologists searching Google for?

WordPress.com blog stats give us a clue

Your blog stats are a great way of telling you what people are looking for out there. Even in the free, ad-supported WordPress.com blog stats dashboard, you can tell a great deal. You can tell how many people are visiting, who’s looking at what, where they’re coming from and which sites have referring links.

You can also see the keyphrases that people are typing into Google to arrive at your blog.

These are some for this blog from yesterday. What they tell us is that John Mappin (or someone on his behalf) is doing daily searches to see what people are saying about them.

This searching has increased over the last two weeks or so, showing that John and chums are taking the internet a bit more seriously now.

Interestingly, that last item ‘david miscavige news’ tells us a lot. This site doesn’t feature anywhere in at least the first 10 pages of Google for that term – yet someone has persisted long enough to find this blog in the search results. That suggests the visitor is from Scientology HQ and doing an exhaustive search and that this blog is now on their radar.

All of which is good because it helps us communicate directly how little we appreciate their cult activities in the English county of Cornwall.

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