Camelot Castle Hotel Horror Review of the Month – Aug 2010

The Camelot Castle Hotel TripAdvisor reviews they’re trying hard to bury

This this has got to be possibly the worst review of all time.  Unfortunately, it was pulled by TripAdvisor after about 10 days online.  So, for the benefit of the unsuspecting British (and overseas) travelling public, we’ve preserved it here – as fresh as the day it was written:

Utterly dreadful, cringeworthy money-making scam

Wow, where to start? If you are thinking of staying in this hotel and are reading all the 5 star reviews, i urge you to take a closer look at them and the style in which they are written… they are clearly all fabrications written by the hotel staff. Why? Because this hotel is one big propaganda machine to scam you out of money. Just look at their website, it all the information there is false.

The location of the hotel is second to none, however the good news pretty much stops there. The staff were ok, though none of them spoke English as their first (or even second language). Most of them, frankly looked embarrassed to be working there. The room was breathtakingly poor. It hasn’t been updated since at least the 1970s, and was freezing cold. There were numerous safety hazarads with electrics and the ‘bathroom’ was a tiny portacabin. We were in hysterics at how bad it was… though all the laughter stopped when we were hit with a £10 per person charge for an average breakfast upon payment!

The ‘artwork’ if you could call it that was pathetically poor. It looks as though they have let a child loose in the hotel with lot of glue and glitter. Unfortunately the owners see fit to ruin the hotel walls by placing this tacky rubbish everywhere! Frankly the owners need to get over themselves and realise that the guests come first in the hotel business, not the owners and their ruthless self-promotion. The final straw was the promotional DVD which played 24/7 in the hotel bar. Utterly utterly cringeworthy.

All in all, the worst hotel we have ever stayed in, and the long line of people complaining each morning at check-out suggests that the majority of others must feel the same…”

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