Castle Camelot Hotel: bad review from someone claiming to be ex-staff

Worrying claims from someone claiming to be ex-staff of Camelot Castle Hotel.

As you already know from reading this blog, we’re opposed to Scientology and to John Mappin’s decision to use Camelot Castel Hotel as a base for promoting Scientology in Cornwall and beyond.

It’s public knowledge that Mappin has swamped the region with his Scientology DVDs. The hotel also spams everyone who has ever stayed there with emails full of Scientology links and propaganda. Mappin also produces a ‘newspaper’ full of articles about Scientology and ads for Scientology ‘front groups’.  The Mappins and Stourton have a range of Scientology ‘completions’ under their belts. These are demonstrable facts.

We also know that the Mappins and Stourton are contributors (£100,000) towards Scientology’s ‘Super Power Building’ in Clearwater Florida. We know they play host to a range of Scientology front groups – ‘Youth For Human Rights International’ being just one.

It’s also clear they’re connected with Scientology friends across the region.  The latest to ‘out’ himself being Duncan ‘goodnews’ Williams. We know that the Mappins offer staff, ‘resident artists’ and anyone else foolish enough to stay at the hotel for any length of time special ‘training’ courses. For the staff, these are disguised as ‘business courses’ but are, in fact, Scientology courses. We know that the training room on the 3rd floor of the hotel is stocked with Scientology reading materials.

With that knowledge in mind, the opinions of people claiming to be ex-employees of the hotel are, of course, very interesting. This from a Polish site:

“Camelot Castle Hotel in Tintagel offering fine views and the owners are attracted excellent prospects. A lot of people on it takes. The fact is that this place is like a prison.

1st Accommodation for employees are dirty, smell decay, there is a fungus pay for even 97 pounds. You have to add charges for electricity, which no one remembers. So at least one pound per day. Even in some houses and 4 The rooms are cold, you have the heater in the room, but it gives little because the windows are leaking and the electricity bill to pay enormous sums. Some houses look like a real prison. Snakes, spiders, fungus and moisture. The tub is fear to enter.

2nd Work must sign a contract where you have to sign a piece of that agree to work more than 48 hours per week. It consists in the fact that you work seven days a week, sometimes after 1912-1915 hours. No one cares, that someone worked for two in the morning. At 8 must be at work again. The work is different as is the hotel, but … One person can work as a waitress, but also be the housekeepingu or bar, or here and there. Everyone does everything. No one cares that someone is tired. In addition, they tell you when you have something to eat and how you hear it: ‘You do what you każemy’

3 Rules You must sign a lot of different strange rules. Some are understandable and others debilne. Do not drink a drop of alcohol. Even as it is free time. Do not smoke. Unable to form relationships with people from the village. And many other equally stupid.

4th A small village of Tintagel. Two supermarkets and some souvenir shops fifth The heads of the Scientology Scientologists. Like the majority of employees. Do not say what is there. First you must read the path to happiness written by Scientology founder Ron Hubbard. Then pass to various courses and books that ‘to help in the life’. All of this literature scjentologiczna. They praise the people terribly. But everyone says the same thing. The focus of mind is such a terrible, with people fleeing after a few weeks. If you break the rules is one of the people disappear every day. And sometimes after a few hours. Staff can not know anything about anything, but we all know everything.

This is just my first note. Warn against the place because I believe that everyone should know what is kidnapped. If someone wants to do is respect that decision, but believe me, do not tell you what it is. They want to help everyone and have a diploma for the dissemination of this religion in the world.

If you have any questions feel free to Walt. I look forward to hear”

Badly auto-translated from Polish on this site here. Given what we know about the Mappins, Stourton and Scientology at Camelot Castle Hotel it makes disturbing reading.

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