Ted Stourton prices. The delusion v. the reality

Ted Stourton prices: probably at lot less than you paid for them in the basement.

If you came here hoping to sell a special work from the painter who claims to be ‘loved and adored by thousands of collectors’, we’re sorry to disappoint you.

If you want a single example of the scale of the delusion that results from Scientology brainwashing, this really must be it. I actually don’t think there’s anything else left to say about John Mappin and Ted Stourton.

6 Responses to “Ted Stourton prices. The delusion v. the reality”
  1. Are those real Ted Stourton paintings?

    I think they were probably done by some little children on an activity day in his workshop.

    • No, I think those fetch higher prices.

      • Good grief. Why is he painting butterflies when he should be redecorating all the filthy, water-stained guestrooms in that firetrap ‘castle’ of his?

      • Xenu says:

        Ted Stourton! One of the greatest artists in the history of international art! As one of the premiere personalities of modern England, he’s loved and respected by thousands with a fanbase growing and expanding like never before!

        Why, only L Ron Hubbard and Scientology could produce such an individual.


        When you see this, take your psych meds Ted. And some art classes wouldn’t hurt either.

    • salmondotty@aol.com says:

      No they are actually done by Ted Stourton yes Ted Stourton himself and they are a modern re enactment of the myth of the Kings new cloths everybody agrees the kings new cloths are fabulous marvellous and glamorous but really they are shit and he is wearing nothing just like this art it is shit and not art but a bluff for only fools to see

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  1. […] is a genuine (and sad) picture on this site of two Stourtons on sale in the Tintagel Gallery window – £40 the pair. That should give you an idea of that […]

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