TripAdvisor: Camelot Castle Hotel salutes you!

Why? For helping it push Scientology at more unsuspecting hotel guests, of course!

Yes, TripAdvisor, every time you post one of Ted’s 4 or 5* reviews of Camelot Castle Hotel, you contribute to some unsuspecting member of the public booking this hotel.

And when they do, they’ll find themselves in the care of self-proclaimed Scientologists John Mappin and Ted Stourton. If you believe even some of the 180+ very unhappy reviews on TripAdvisor, that means a pretty creepy experience.

But of course, nobody at TripAdvisor has read any of those negative reviews, just as they haven’t read the fake positive ones. If they had, of course, they’d be able to see clearly the message these people are sending TripAdcvisor and the paying traveller: “we’re Scientologists and we can do whatever we like”.

It seems that all TripAdvisor knows how to do is jump when Ted and John press the ‘Our religion is being enturbulated’ button.

Maybe that’ll change when I speak directly to TripAdvisor UK. I’ll let you all know, of course 🙂

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