Clumsy ‘hate’ attack on critical site bears all the hallmarks of Scientology

And therefore, of course, John Mappin and Ted Stourton

The Polish site run by former Camelot Castle Hotel worker ‘Alona’ (a member of the WhyWeProtest forum) is coming under attack from people trying to bury critical comments by her and others under fake stories about how wonderful the Mappins are etc etc.

In addition, they’re now also employing a familiar Scientology line of attack: “You’re a member of Anonymous – a hate group wanted by the FBI for attempted murder, etc etc which makes you a religion-hater the same as Hitler…” This is a clumsy attempt to incite the decent Polish Catholics reading Alona’s blog to hate her. The irony completely bypasses the zombie Scientology writer, of course.

You can read the lame attacks here.

Just in case you weren’t sure, no, Anonymous isn’t a hate group and no, the FBI has never found any evidence at all to support any of Scientology’s desperate allegations. Amusingly the authoritative source that the moron posting this cites (by way of lending authority to his idea) is a single, banned blogger site with the title: “ANONYMOUS” IS AN EVIL CULT OF CYBER BULLIES AND PEDOPHILES” (sic).Lols.

There were several replies to this pathetic Scientology attack but perhaps the finest was from AnotherSock:

“This is classic Scientology bullshit. If you ever get tired of deleting that garbage, you can translate my reply and post it there perhaps?

Scientologists never defend themselves against the allegations that are made. (They never can, because the truth would hurt them.) Instead, they counter-attack and try to distract people away from the issue.

Thus, Anonymous is presented as a ‘hate group’. No worries, because the public is much better informed now, and Scientology’s accusations look increasingly paranoid when Anonymous offers “free hugs” and such.

Another thing that the Old Guard were reporting even back in the 1980s was that Scientology would claim that critics were against all religion. The liar who posts on your blog with his/her “Anonymous hates the Pope” line is applying standard Scino failtech; it didn’t work 25 years ago, and it doesn’t work now. Scientology isn’t a religion – it’s a crime syndicate and UFO cult. Anonymous has no problem with religions. The people who protest against the abuses of the Cult of Scientology come from a wide range of backgrounds, and don’t hate anybody. Not even Scientologists: we want the victims of the scam to be free.

The person who posts that garbage in your blog comments has to do so. Failure to ‘Keep Scientology Working’ is a ‘crime’ within the cult, and s/he has to report what s/he has done to ‘handle suppression’ every Thursday. Putting some copypasta on a blog comments page is a cheap way to boost his/her ‘stats’, but nobody actually expects it to work. It’s just a way to avoid being put on a diet or rice and beans, being made to sleep under your desk, and wearing a gray rag tied around your arm.

That’s life in the Cult of Scientology.”

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