Ted Stourton, Light Box: the two most over-used phrases

In Camelot Castle Hotel’s 5* TripAdvisor reviews

We wonder when it’s going to dawn on TripAdvisor that their own data shows clearly that either Ted Stourton is the messiah or his ego is so big that he’s referenced himself in every 5* TripAdvisor review?


One Response to “Ted Stourton, Light Box: the two most over-used phrases”
  1. Yeah, like most people writing a review of a hotel on Trip Advisor remember the name of a member of staff, and write about him. Scientologists really don’t have a clue how normal human beings operate, do they?

    Ted: the Light Box might have impressed somebody a century ago, but in the modern era, it just seems pathetic. (You showed it to me a few months ago: remember me? Heh.) It’s the kind of thing a 12 year old might rig up for a school art project – and their paintings would likely be more interesting than yours. I hope you move on from your ‘jism and butterflies’ period soon, I truly do.

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