Is Camelot Castle Hotel faking its own TripAdvisor reviews?

Since it used to fake its own ‘beach’ to try to attract tourists, why not?

A universal truth is that when you lie about one thing, people (quite rightly) come to believe that you lie about everything.

Here’s the picture that used to be on Camelot Castle Hotel’s old website. Rainy Cornwall meets Maldives lols.  The bottom one is what the rest of us call ‘reality’.:-)

The funny thing about the ‘reality’ that Scientologists seem to hate so much is that – like the bottom picture (from GoogleEarth) – reality is beautiful. But it’s not quite ‘magical’ enough for Mssrs Mappin and Stourton it seems.

2 Responses to “Is Camelot Castle Hotel faking its own TripAdvisor reviews?”
  1. Hey! They didn’t fake the beach. They postulated it. They’re high-ranking Scientologists, remember? “What’s true for you is true.” They aren’t inconvenienced by nagging little nuisances like ‘fact’ and ‘truth’. They don’t even recognise the existence of such low-tone concepts.

    Just why was the Cult of Scientology interested in recruiting the gullible millionaire John Mappin?

    … Oh. Never mind.

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