Camelot Castle Hotel: read the reviews on Holiday Watchdog

More bad reviews of Camelot Castle Hotel

This site is worth checking if you’re trying to decide whether to stay at Camelot Castle Hotel or not.

The hotel has an interesting mix of ratings.

But – like on TripAdvisor – the question that stands out most starkly is: what does a hotel have to do to get so many awful reviews?

That’s the question that Camelot Castle Hotel’s owners don’t like us asking. And the answers to that question is what they seem desperate to cover up.

Read all the reviews here and on TripAdvisor; look at what is being said about these people and their Scientology activities in various places online and make up your own minds.

This sums the place up:

“This is such a waste of time and money! Seriously for the price you can stay in a swish Hotel in London.
This place is a con and a front for the church of scientology. I am extremely upset that their website is so misleading and they use this venue as a way to recruit people to the church.
Service was really bad and creepy.
Such a shame as this could be a great place.”

The funniest line comes from a 8/10 ‘friend of Camelot’ who lamely advises readers:

“Dont Read too Much into Review”


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