There’s a light…over at the Mappinstein place

Locals say that this is the control room from which the fishing buddies control their empire

When you see the lights burning in this room in the wee hours, take a moment to imagine the unkindly-named ‘fishing buddies’ reviewing the day’s crop of negative nastiness and wincing at all those wounding, cruel online commments.

Could this also be the place where the ‘angling associates’ handle their TripAdvisor reviews?

Any similarities between the characters and plot of the famous ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ and John Mappin and Camelot Castle are entirely inevitable since they’re both alien-inspired stories of excess and delusion, set to music.

I can just see the agents from OSA arriving one day soon: “Mappenfurter, it’s all over. Your mission is a failure, your lifestyle’s too extreme…” …and it all ending with the Castle being beamed up to the planet L.Ron in the galaxy of Hubbardania..  Hopefully.

One Response to “There’s a light…over at the Mappinstein place”
  1. Reading negative material about their cult scam?

    Nah… they’re up all night casting spells.

    For more on Scientology’s satanist beginnings, investigate the connection between Hubbard and Crowley: plenty on Google!

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