TripAdvisor pulls threads about Camelot Castle Hotel…again

But not before Google’s index got hold of it

TripAdvisor really doesn’t want anyone discussing Camelot Castle Hotel on their boards – and certainly not where that discussion highlights that this hotel may have been systematically writing its own 5* reviews.  This is the Google index for a thread started by a concerned Anon today and removed completely by TripAdvisor shortly afterwards. I came across it while searching in Google for ‘tripadvisor fake reviews’ (as you do).

If Camelot Castle Hotel hasn’t been faking 4 and 5* reviews, TripAdvisor, why have you removed around 25 of them over the last couple of days following many, many complaints?

Doesn’t the traveling public have a right to discuss that or the serious allegations about the impact of the owners’ Scientology activities highlighted in so many of the 180+ negative reviews for this hotel?

We do.

5 Responses to “TripAdvisor pulls threads about Camelot Castle Hotel…again”
  1. Shove that up your lightbox, Stourton 🙂

    • Oh, that opinion is just what I’d expect from a member of the ‘Nazi Hate Group Anonymous’

      • Is that a group that hates Nazis, or a Nazi Hate Group? Does the presence of the word ‘Anonymous’ indicate a group of people in recovery from the aforementioned problem, as it does in the case of ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ and ‘Gamblers Anonymous’? It’s all very confusing. Fortunately, Anonymous (or at least, the Anons I’ve met) don’t hate individuals: they just hate the abuses of the cult that killed Lisa McPherson and others.

  2. Gnnrrr. We pesky Anons always seem to have a simple answer for everything convoluted that Scientology tries to argue. 🙂

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