Camelot Castle Hotel: “Unbelievable Con” says review

Before it got pulled for mentioning Scientology

So we’ve preserved it here so that it has a chance of doing what the reviewer who stayed there intended it to do: to help prevent someone else from having L.Ron Hubbard and awful paintings shoved down their throats when all they want is a decent quality stay in a hotel.

As we all know, TripAdvisor has already pulled about twenty five 4* and 5* reviews for Camelot Castle Hotel in the last few days that it judged to be fraudulent.

Despite that, TripAdvisor still seems to think that because of its Scientology connections, this hotel deserves protecting from further criticism and is pulling all reviews such as the one opposite.

Furthermore, TA is stifling all and any discussion of this hotel’s unsavoury reputation in the forums – even when that same Scientology is clearly at the heart of a large number of the 180+ negative reviews – and even when to do so will inevitably contribute to more unsuspecting members of the public being conned.

And that’s exactly the point this review so succinctly makes.

Even if TripAdvisor has pulled this review, you can be certain that they’re are now watching this situation closely and they will have taken this reviewer’s points seriously. I hope that when they’ve done some proper research into exactly what the Mappins and Stourton are doing, they will do the decent and responsible thing and take this hotel off their site altogether.

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