Guess who’s most worried?

Yes, no surprise. It’s John Mappin.

This blog’s stats reveal that the search phrase bringing most traffic to this site on a daily basis is ‘john mappin scientology’ with 159 visits for that phrase. This tells us that John’s the fellow with the most to hide, who is the most troubled by our gentle (but inexorable) revealing of the sordid goings-on at Camelot Castle Hotel in the name of Scientology.

The next thing we can deduce from these stats is that there are people persistent enough find this site on what must be page 200+ in Google for the broad search phrase ‘scientology’. This suggests that Scientology headquarters is watching. Good.

Poor old Ted comes in 3rd place with a search on his name. This tells us that, whereas John Mappin is concerned with what the world thinks about his connection with Scientology, Ted’s more concerned about what the world thinks of him as a person first and foremost.

And fourth in our list is the phrase ‘googlejohnmappin’. Of course, these people want to find out who the people are behind this site which is so uncomplimentary about them, their egos and their activities.

So keep on searching, chaps. And John, we’ll keep on revealing your affiliation to Scientology and it’s corrupt, exploitative agenda. Ted, we’ll keep on showing the world how vain, contemptuous and egotistical you are as a person.

Until you stop pushing Scientology at guests, visitors, workers and your neighbours that is. Then we will leave you alone to run a great business in a great location.

That’s a promise.

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