Ted Stourton prices

What’s a Ted Stourton worth these days? Not a lot and falling.

If you’re here because you bought a Ted Stourton original in the gloomy basement of Camelot Castle Hotel while he sang to you and shone a light through some canvases while dispensing gobbets of Scientology wisdom and you were hoping it had gone up in value (like he said it would)… we’re sorry.

The reality is that the price for a Ted Stourton is going to be less than what you paid for it. Owww. No-one’s selling Ted Stourton’s because (apart from the Light Box victims) no-one’s buying them. Certainly not anyone with any background in the art world.  We’ve tried to find some reference to them online… but all we can find is Ted and John’s own gushing copy in their own ‘good news’ publications.

Judging by many of the bad reviews on TripAdvisor, a lot of people feel they’ve been pressured into buying one of his paintings. If I was one of those people, I’d package up my unwanted Stourton and send it back recorded delivery with a solicitor’s letter explaining that I felt I was sold it under extreme duress.

There is a genuine (and sad) picture on this site of two Stourtons on sale in the Tintagel Gallery window – £40 the pair. That’s a pretty good guide to current Ted Stourton prices.

4 Responses to “Ted Stourton prices”
  1. karen says:

    I bought a painting from him in 2009 for £90 and had been sold it in the manner described! I wish I had googled him before now (not too good with technology) if I had been computer savvie then I would not have been ripped off!

  2. Brandon says:

    I have a Ted Stourton painting which I didn’t pay for. I have improved its value by painting the back of it white and using it as a small projector screen. This has significantly improved its usefulness.

  3. Jade says:

    I was also pressured into buying a painting that I regret. I’m sure if I had not been drinking the wine he offered I would not of purchased it. It’s awful and been under my bed for years. Now I’m moving and will just donate it to charity.

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