There’s a light…over at the Mappinstein place

Locals say that this is the control room from which the fishing buddies control their empire When you see the lights burning in this room in the wee hours, take a moment to imagine the unkindly-named ‘fishing buddies’ reviewing the day’s crop of negative nastiness and wincing at all those wounding, cruel online commments. Could … Continue reading

Letter to John, Ted, Irina, Marek and Peter

Posted by KernowAnon as a comment on their latest ‘Light Box’ video “John, Ted, Irina, Marek and Peter Hello I know you will be reading this, you seem to be under the impression we are “out to get you” nothing could be further from the truth. You are the victims you are trapped in a … Continue reading

Ted Stourton’s Light Box: an honest review

The so-called ‘attraction’ of the ‘Light Box’ is a box with a light. That’s it. I love it when when normal people (ie. people who aren’t Scientologists, bribed, frightened or brainwashed) review Ted’s ‘Light Box’: “..we felt the ‘surprise’ of the Lightbox was a complete waste of time. How stupid do they think we are? … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel: read the reviews on Holiday Watchdog

More bad reviews of Camelot Castle Hotel This site is worth checking if you’re trying to decide whether to stay at Camelot Castle Hotel or not. The hotel has an interesting mix of ratings. But – like on TripAdvisor – the question that stands out most starkly is: what does a hotel have to do … Continue reading

Is Camelot Castle Hotel faking its own TripAdvisor reviews?

Since it used to fake its own ‘beach’ to try to attract tourists, why not? A universal truth is that when you lie about one thing, people (quite rightly) come to believe that you lie about everything. Here’s the picture that used to be on Camelot Castle Hotel’s old website. Rainy Cornwall meets Maldives lols.  … Continue reading

TripAdvisor pulls threads about Camelot Castle Hotel…again

But not before Google’s index got hold of it TripAdvisor really doesn’t want anyone discussing Camelot Castle Hotel on their boards – and certainly not where that discussion highlights that this hotel may have been systematically writing its own 5* reviews.  This is the Google index for a thread started by a concerned Anon today … Continue reading

Ted Stourton, Light Box: the two most over-used phrases

In Camelot Castle Hotel’s 5* TripAdvisor reviews We wonder when it’s going to dawn on TripAdvisor that their own data shows clearly that either Ted Stourton is the messiah or his ego is so big that he’s referenced himself in every 5* TripAdvisor review? Lols.

This time next year, Ted, we’ll be floating on the stock exchange for £600m

Said John Mappin 10 years ago Great new shoop from Sponge. 

Clumsy ‘hate’ attack on critical site bears all the hallmarks of Scientology

And therefore, of course, John Mappin and Ted Stourton The Polish site run by former Camelot Castle Hotel worker ‘Alona’ (a member of the WhyWeProtest forum) is coming under attack from people trying to bury critical comments by her and others under fake stories about how wonderful the Mappins are etc etc. In addition, they’re … Continue reading

TripAdvisor takes action on Camelot Castle Hotel fake reviews!

TripAdvisor appears to have finally reacted to concerns about Camelot Castle Hotel fake reviews. It’s a start – and demonstrates that TA has started to investigate what this hotel is doing. Today, the number of 5* reviews dropped suddenly from 202 to 186. That’s 16 reviews judged to be faked. Well done, TripAdvisor. It’s a … Continue reading