Friends of Camelot! (If there are any left out there…) “The most memorable three days of your life”

Things are getting so bad at Camelot Castle Hotel it looks like they can’t even give their rooms away The latest ‘Friends of Camelot’ email from John Mappin is a desperate plea for survival. Yes, you know how important it is to fight for the life of a local business because John and Ted made … Continue reading

“CULT!” says John Sweeney loudly and clearly

Camelot Castle Hotel owners’ ‘religion’ branded a cult by BBC’s John Sweeney last night Yes, folks. Exactly as you’d expect, John Sweeney took his revenge on the madness that is Scientology in last night’s Panorama. If you’re here reading this then I’m sure you watched it, so I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel, a sinking ship?

The last 5 reviews on Trip advisor = 4 x 1 star and 1 x 2 stars. Another blinding verdict from a genuine guest of standards at the Camelot Castle Hotel! “Do not stay in this hotel!!” We stayed at the Camelot Hotel for two nights. The staff informed us that a “world famous artist” … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel suspected of faking 5* reviews on Tripadvisor since 2008

Outraged guests have suspected Camelot Castle Hotel of faking positive reviews for over 2 years As this review from 2008 points out: “Yes the bad reviews here are all absolutely true! Lousy food, strange owners with appalling art over the walls painted by one of the owners Ted Stourton, a very odd bloke who took … Continue reading

“You’d be better off burning your money and staying in a tent”

Classic Camelot Castle Hotel reviews #1 – “The horror, the horror” The first in a series of Tripadvisor reviews from the past so bad that we just couldn’t resist resurrecting them from the grave for you to enjoy all over again. This one’s from July 2005 and borrows from Apocalypse Now to describe Camelot Castle … Continue reading

John Mappin – titanic film talent

Despite magical good looks… John’s film career sank beneath the waves on it’s maiden voyage. This is a still from ‘Dark Secrets’, a soft porn film released in 1997 in which Mappin had a small, ah, part. No, he didn’t take his clothes off. Thankfully. Time (or more accurately Scientology) seems to have been hard … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel serial 5* reviewer tries again

Since Tripadvisor deleted his previous fake 5* review, it’s time for Glastonboy to try again **UPDATE** Fake review pulled already, looks like Trip Advisor are wise to their games! Finally, after 10 days without a 5* review, Glastoboy comes to Camelot Castle Hotel’s rescue – again – with this review. The first impression I got … Continue reading

Panorama BBC1 Tuesday 28th 9pm

Expect Camelot Castle Hotel propaganda machine to hit overdrive. It is important to understand what having people actively recruiting for Scientology in Tintagel means, this new Panorama investigation from the BBC should be a must see for any Tintagel resident. “Reporter John Sweeney’s last investigation into the Church of Scientology resulted in an explosive confrontation … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel Bar arrives at Trip Advisor

Camelot Castle Bar gets it’s first Fake Review. Having seemingly giving up on faking hotel reviews the Clams at the Camelot Castle Hotel have added the Camelot Castle Hotel Bar under the Bars/Clubs category on Trip Advisor. The first review continues with the usual hallmarks we would expect from work straight out of the fake … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel 1* Tripadvisor review: “Not professionally run”

‘Get the truth and then don’t go’ should be Tripadvisor’s strapline for Camelot Castle Hotel reviews Shabby. Potentially unsafe. Unreal. Hard, cold beds. Yet another straight-and-to-the-point write up from another guest who wishes they hadn’t wasted their money at Camelot Castle Hotel. A lot of people on the WhyWeProtest forum seem to think that time … Continue reading