Hottest keywords for Camelot Castle Hotel

Once again, stats reveal what people are looking for when they arrive here

Blog stats are fun – especially the ones that tell you how people arrived at your site and the keywords or phrases they used.

What you can’t tell is whether the person searching was Joe Public or John Mappin.  But whichever of the two it was, you can get a good idea of what’s uppermost in his or her mind from the following list for yesterday’s Google visitors:

john mappin scientology

ted stourton scientology

camelot castle scientology

scientology tintagel


butterfly pictures by ted stourton

scientology in disguise

cult of scientology

david miscavige

camelot castle hotel mappin

This also tells me that I need to title a few posts ‘John Mappin’ and ‘Ted Stourton’ to catch some of those people who DON’T already know your Scientology agenda 🙂

Ta-ta for now.

2 Responses to “Hottest keywords for Camelot Castle Hotel”
  1. Daniel G says:

    How would I go about finding that out myself? The blog stats I mean as it seems really interesting!
    Its quite funny actually as I work in a hotel nearby and hear strange stories about the place too often!

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