John Mappin

Introducing John Mappin, Scientologist and hotel owner – in that order.

If you’ve arrived here after Googling ‘John Mappin’ let us introduce John Mappin to you. He’s an interesting character. Supposedly ‘heir’ to the Mappin-Webb jewellery chain, he is now becoming infamous for pushing Scientology on guests, workers and local people who don’t want it.

Mappin is a wannabe: he wants to be a film star, musician, champion of the arts, philanthropist, eclectic, eccentric – in fact, anything but what he actually is.

He spent his privileged youth trying to move and shake with the ‘beautiful’ people until the drugs and alcohol got him down.

Then John Mappin became a Scientologist (perhaps through Narconon, one of Scientology’s ‘front’ groups).

He then, as all Scientologists do, decided to save the world the L.Ron Hubbard way and bought Camelot Castle Hotel with Ted Stourton for that purpose.

He then spent last 10 years failing to deliver his grandiose, much-spouted-world-changing-visions for Camelot Castle Hotel. The single largest contributory factor to John Mappin’s failure to run a good hotel? Using it as a means to promote Scientology.

As a fully-brainwashed Scientologist John Mappin, of course, can’t accept this. In his version of the world, everyone else is wrong – from the critics who cringe at his clearly-destined-to-fail grand visions (‘No alcohol’, ‘Hi Tech 5* luxury hotel for Cornwall’, ‘world-renowned centre for creative arts’ ad neaseum) to the outraged guests slating his hotel in TripAdvisor and Holiday Watchdog reviews.

John Mappin now presides over a hotel that’s sliding into oblivion and a dream that is becoming more desperate as time goes by. Unable to face this reality, John Mappin is fighting back with increasingly ridiculous PR of his own. This includes a wave of 5* TripAdvisor reviews written in ‘magic’ code designed to hide the truth from the buying public, endless press-releases about ‘good news’ and waves of spam to his ‘enormous’ email list of ‘Friends of Camelot’.

Over the last 10 years John Mappin has created a delusional world (helped in no small part by Scientology) in which he is a knight in shining armor come to save civilization the way Scientologists are taught that only Scientologists can.  Sadly, all he seems to have actually have achieved is to rubbish the reputation of his own business and bring even more public criticism of the cult he belongs to.

In all the time we’ve been looking into this Camelot Castle Hotel business, one thing has stood out in all the public criticism to be found online: John Mappin’s enormously over-inflated, ‘peacock’ ego.

10 Responses to “John Mappin”
  1. Headfor Thehills says:

    He also spams people relentlessly promoting his unique brand of self propaganda

  2. Anthony says:

    Its a shame. Just been listening to his music and its beautiful. What a waste!

  3. S Phillips says:

    I visited Camelot Castle recently, and had a chance to meet with John and Ted, and I find it a very pleasant surprise to be greeted by the owner. It is a very pleasant surprise indeed. Yes scientology was introduced as a table topic, but then so were many other topics ie what I did for a living, the country I came from, Art, John’s “hollywood” life, Irina’s country of birth, and many other interesting conversational topics during my 4 days visit at Tintagel with my friends and family. I find John and Ted extremely interesting, his passion on the subject of scientology, as is Ted’s passion and beautiful art, as was I on the subject of all the gold mines in Latin America my company are managing, and another business partner on his construction business If anything, it makes very interesting table conversation in the evening over a couple of drinks. I shall definitely return to the beautiful camelot castle hotel thats for sure as the service and food was beautiful.

    • Tiny Tim says:

      Thank you for your comments, We are very glad you had a wonderfull time and a “Magical” experiance. From your post it would seem you are people of comfortable means so it is no surprise John “latched” onto you and turned on the old Mappin Charm. Also I expect you stayed in one of the rooms that had been modernised too.
      It is a shame the staff are not treated in the same way, please also remember to take whatever John & Ted tell you with a pinch of salt and that John was convicted of fraud and had to pay substantial damages and Ted and John both worked for one of the most unethical companies in the City of London called LWH Futures who stripped investors of most of their savings.

      Many years ago there was a company called LHW Futures. LHW used to persuade people who didn’t know any better to ‘invest’ in Futures markets. They sold the idea to people by promising them large and quick returns on their investments. Most of the people they roped in had no idea what a Futures market was. And the vast majority of those people lost their shirts. There were people who lost their life savings. People who remortgaged their houses. People who took out overdrafts. And ALL those people thought they were going to make money. But only a few did.

      Please also think of the staff forced to take over doses of vitamins and study scientology. Have wages withheld and appalling living conditions.

      This is the truth of the Camelot Castle Hotel.

  4. My husband and i have just returned from 4 days at Camelot Castle. Prior to arriving we knew nothing about the owners, or the scientology link, but a friend that lives locally warned us to be careful when we arrived. We didn’t meet either Ted or John, so can’t comment on them, but the Hotel was a bit of a disappointment. The Grand Hall, and restaurant are beautiful, if a little chilly ( the fires weren’t lit in the restaurant or Hall ) but the bedroom was cold, there was a radiator in the bedroom that was occasionally lukewarm, but the heated towel rail in the bathroom didn’t work at all, so it was very cold in there. We had to tell them that the hand basin in the bathroom didn’t drain, so must have been blocked, and they did sort that out for us. The bed was comfortable, but the bedspread wasn’t clean, and the furniture was very basic. We were up on the third floor, as i think the only other five or six guests were, and the stairs were very dark, you had to take great care not to fall. Having said all that, we did enjoy our stay, we got out and about, met up with friends, and had a lovely meal in the restaurant, the waiter, Rhad, was very nice, and extremely helpful. It could be a beautiful place to stay, but has such an air of neglect, it’s great a shame. We will be returning to Tintagel, but not to Camelot Castle.

  5. Simon Swain says:

    My Wife and I have just spent four nights there and I can honestly say we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. The staff were attentive and extremely helpful. We had our dog with us and we were allowed to take him everywhere with us except the restaurant, they even set up a table in the lounge so we could have him with us while we ate. We found John and Ted charming people and extremely interesting to talk to. We knew very little about Scientology and had no idea before going to Camelot that there was even a connection. We will definitely be returning to Camelot Castle.

  6. Alan Garvey says:

    There is something far more sinister going on. The Cornish police need to investigate the suicides at Tintagel cliffs. John Mappin actively encourages guests and ‘friends of Camelot’ to discard anti-depressant drugs. He told me to go to the cliffs but not to leave my car in his car park……..

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