Duncan Williams and John Mappin: someone’s interested :-)

Someone’s definitely interested in the connection between John Mappin and Duncan Williams

We, of course, know who – John Mappin and Duncan Williams themselves.  We of course also know why – but we’re keeping it to ourselves for now. The public doesn’t need to know just yet. There’s enough shit for them to wade through without adding that to the mix.

What IS interesting is that Dunk and John are worried enough to be searching Google every day now to try to monitor what’s being said about them.  Nothing much for now, fellas – but rest assured we’re having a whale of a time trawling backwards through your various exploits together.

Oh, and removing pictures from your Flickr photostream? Too slow, Chicken Marengo, too slow for this cat. We have your SP declare nice and safe – plus the name of the law firm and the lawyer 🙂

In fact, we’ve been having so much fun Dunk, we’ve created you your very own category. Enjoy!

Eeeeeooowww! 🙂

7 Responses to “Duncan Williams and John Mappin: someone’s interested :-)”
  1. Ron says:

    I think you have the story all wrong here. I worked with Duncan at his Chelsea Magazine Company http://www.inchelsea.clikpages.co.uk and he is a decent chap.

    Paid us sales executives very well and on time. We got some great advertisers during my time there, some of the biggest and best companies during the naughties were on sidfe with us. Admittedly, if you see the back editions, prior to the worst of the recession of 2008, Duncan was publishing editorial features that were clearly pro-Scientology, I think even L Ron Hubbard appeared on the editorial board credits along with many legit top named writers.

    But as a member of the team back then, and there were 12 of us, I believe that he managed to get the Church of Scientology to pay US for those placements.

    If there is one thing certain, Duncan is a smart businessman, he is NOT a Scientologist. He says he is a Roman Catholic.

    We had many visits from strange and weird people while I was at the editorial office, even then prime minister’s priest Fr Michael Seed, SA, used to pop by, accompanied by the beautiful Khashoggi woman, a spice girl and Mappin. There were many meetings back then and many faces. But Duncan was smart enough see that magazine publishing was offering the advertisers a far wider and longer exposure than regional newspapers were going to achieve.

    Hence, in reality, Duncan Williams and our sales people were driving John Mappin out of business (he had a slim hold on the Chelsea area with his Independent Chelsea Newspaper, we wanted it shut down.

    Our InChelsea Magazine blew it out of the water, better writers and major sponsorship deals, okay, so maybe even the Scientology people. But I think if you bother to actually research your website material, you will find that Mappin and Williams have no liking for one another whatsover.

    Wake up, mr Anonymous and start publishing some facts! Otherwise you are just as bad as the Scientologists YOU are decrying with your unsourced rants!

  2. Thanks, Ron.

    First of all, I’ve never said Duncan Williams wasn’t smart or a good employer.

    I had no interest in the man until he popped up defending John Mappin in a press release. That aroused my curiosity.

    Here’s how it looks: the man promotes Narconon, the man helps John Mappin. You and I even agree on that.

    Now, I’d like you to answer me the following two questions. You might have to ask Duncan himself to get the right answers:

    1) Why did Duncan had pictures of himself on Flickr with his ‘fully paid up Scientologist’ certificate, pictures of himself with The Way To Happiness promotional material in his own name and most interestingly, his SP Declare – the official form that Scientology creates when it kicks out one of its own and lists their crimes? He took that down in a hurry recently but no problem. We have a copy and will be happy to share the contents in due course.

    2) Why did Duncan write that press-release in the last couple of weeks defending his enemy John Mappin from all the ‘negative’ press he’s been getting recently?

    Ron, all I’m commenting on is the impression Duncan has created by his actions and the things he’s posted online. If he looks like a Scientologist, walks like one and quacks like one… but MIRACULOUSLY isn’t a Scientologist, then I think you, he AND I will probably all agree that he’s got a bit of problem 🙂

    I’m eager to hear your answer to those two questions.

  3. Inside Man says:

    Hi googlejohnmappin!

    (Great work you’re doing here, by the way!)

    …Now, to business, I am going to raise point of interest to me in the above. This character Williams is intriguing me.

    There is much conflicting data on him.

    As such, logic would suggest we need to know more, a lot more, about this individual.

    I have studied his SP Declare. The dates are what draw my eye. The date 2005 is what appears on the Declare. However, having studied the links to the magazines that Williams and his ‘independent news’ (sic) company publish, the pro scientology pieces appear well after this date in titles he is publishing throughout the first and second decade of 2000 onwards.

    In their shiny, glossy way they are fine promotions of the cult in titles that reach affluent readers in the London area of Chelsea. In fact these colourful pieces of tat are altogether more impressive than Mappin’s own
    dreary local newspaper series.Also having looked at Dunc’s company’s sister title Your Town Your Choice this seems to be stuffed full with top of the range advertisers, alongside scientology puff pieces trumpeting the virtues of the CCHR and the way to happness,etc… Someone’s made money here. Why would the cult pay Williams to advertise in his glossy rags? Or if not pay him, why would they allow a known SP to publish LRH’s precious works??? We all know how guarded the cult are over copyright. Does Williams owe the cult some payment then? Or is the cult turning a blind eye to this particular SP?

    The conflict of data is why the church would issue an SP Declare on what appears to be a very able desciple of their creed? Why also would John Mappin risk the ire of the cult by continued, open association with Williams if he is genuinely an SP?

    Or,as I now believe,having re-read and studied the evidence we have collected… Duncan williams is not an SP at all, and the Declare is a red herring ….. You admit yourself, googlejohnmappin,that you sourced the
    SP Declare while it was being published on a website by Williams himself, did you not? Why would he do this? ….. This is some kind of OSA double bluff,dark op. Funnily enough, Duncan is a celtic name that translated mean Black Knight. So maybe Mappin has is last card in place and is playing a clever game..?

    Ok. Suppose williams is truly an SP. Mappin is mixing with him. Again, why? Mappin would have nothing to gain and everything to lose……. UNLESS, Mappin needs something from our Dunkin Doughnut? what would that be…. Oh yes, that’s it! Dough of course! Money. Mappin and the cult itself will bend and break all their own rules for money. It’s what the cult feeds on like manna!

    So,I conclude that the evidence suggests that Williams is not an SP at all but is in fact an active, and I genuinely suspect, a key mover within the scientology cult in the United Kingdom.

    Look at the facts yourselves. Look the Chelsea magazine’s editorials, the editorials of YTYC.co.uk , the sickening Thomas The Tank Engine cover of The way To Happiness booklet that this very far from independent news corporation is proffering to schools. (I wonder if those Tank Engine copyrights have been cleared,eh, Dunc???)

    I rest my case. We are dealing with a prime mover in the cult here. Let’s not treat Williams any other way.

    Try as hard as you like, you can’t make shit glow like gold when it is in fact just another turd.

  4. Rupert Pady says:

    In fact, I think I get this now. Williams must have been suckered into Criminon whilst on remand at Wandsworth, and then fell into Mappin’s clutches whilst looking for work at his newspaper. There is loads of evidence (google the words; ‘wandsworth prison’, ‘criminon’, ‘home office’, ‘scientology front’) stating how Criminon (part of NarCONon, part of the main cult of Scientology) was VERY active in Wandsworth and all other UK prisons around this same time. Mappin himself was just escaping a prison sentence following his fraud conviction. Williams had just been let out. A marriage made in heaven!… Or hell more like… (I wonder who the lawyers were who wangled these get-out-of-jail cards? A cult stooge?… I’ll wager good money on it, professor!

  5. How I WISH you were the legendary Witch-Finder General Rupert Goatee himself. But still, I take your point. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the cult is – like all good cults – it goes after the most vulnerable people with the most damaged (therefore easily massaged) egos.

    – drug and alcohol users
    – celebrities
    – criminals
    – children and young people (esp. with mental health issues)
    – victims of human rights abuses
    – sick people


    Hence each of their despicable front groups and their attempts to get into education, health, correction, rehabilitation.

    One thing we hear from all sources is that the common link between Mappin, Stourton and Williams is drink and drug problems and in the case of Mappin and Williams, criminal prosecutions.

    Anyone know if Ted’s got a record? (Apart from crimes against Art)

  6. Zachery says:

    They were never selling positive news, any of them. The Independent Locals media group was all a big front to cover up the farming and finding of profitable stories for the UK tabloids for cash. Mappin, Pell, Maz, Harpin, Williams, Lyons and the Pap team and, of course, Andy Coulson, all of them. I worked there. It was a joke…. ….. The independent locals was just a newspaper cover group for story sourcing. You are digging up dynamite. Be careful! Good luck……..

    (Apologies to Zachery – for this ain’t he.)


    the binman
    by zachery

    I was walking up to the rehearsal rooms last night because we had a practice.
    As I passed Independent Local Newspapers for whom I used to work, I saw a very confused man walking around looking for some building in the rain and the dark.

    On closer inspection, I realised that it was in fact Benjamin Pell, a man who achieved notoriety for, amongst other things, collecting items from celebrity dustbins.
    I shouted, “Excuse me!”
    He turned around.
    “Are you Benjamin Pell?”
    “Yes I am,” he said “How did you know.”
    “Oh I’m something of a fan of yours. Are you looking for John Mappin?
    “Yes, yes. How do you know this?”
    “Oh I used to work for the newspaper. I know about your relationship with Mappin.”
    “Weally? Do you know Duncan Williams?”
    “Yes, I do.”
    “Are you Zachewy Stephenson?”
    “Yeah,” I responded, extremely surprised.
    “Oh my god, I don’t believe it. I wemember you used to do your music column, and you did an article about them putting parking meters on Willesden High Street. Zachewy Stephenson! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, so you’re not working for them anymore, I bet you’re pleased, what are you doing up here.”

    I try to begin speaking.
    “How is Mappin the old bastard? I only came to get the newspaper and they used to keep it in weception but it’s not there anymore, where is their office? Can you show me, come on show me,” grabbing my arm and leading me towards the office which I have just pointed out.

    At this point, I spotted Oscar walking into the office and shouted out to him.
    I approached Oscar and said, “Oscar, this is Benjamin Pell, he’s just looking for a few copies of the newspaper.
    Benjamin, nice meeting you,” I said, tapping his shoulder and walking away.

    At first he didn’t respond as he was asking Oscar some questions but as I got about ten yards away, he shouted out, “Thank you Zachewy!”

    I walked on about fifty yards laughing, and as I did I heard from behind me:
    “Zachewy! Zachewy!”
    I stopped and waited as he looked left and right and crossed the road.
    “Do you want a lift anywhere.”
    “No thanks Benjamin, I’m just literally taking this next left here.”
    “Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m walking down the street with Zachewy Stephenson here and now!”
    (You’re telling me you nutcase)

    He then started ranting on and on about the newspaper and his dealings with Mappin.
    “Yes, I just came to get this copy of the paper and look at it, it’s rubbish, and if the advertisers realised that they only print the thing every month, we call it The Cockles and the stuff they print in it, I mean it’s just unbelievable, you know John Mappin got ****** ****** to write an article about me in the Daily Telegraph in which they accused me of being a member of the IRA. etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc……..”

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