John Mappin expert Scientology communicator: its Question Time!

Special post for Scientologist John Mappin to answer some burning questions about Scientology

Camelot Castle Hotel co-owners John Mappin, Irina Mappin and Ted Stourton (plus now ‘many of our staff’ too) are all committed Scientologists of up to 20 years standing. According to many of this hotel’s glowing (undoubtedly fake) 5* reviews on TripAdvisor, John Mappin is by all accounts, a truly wonderful communicator.

Well, since the Mappins and Stourton have made it their business to try to convert staff, guests, Tintagel, Plymouth, the world and the rest of the universe to the cult of Scientology, we thought it timely to ask John to clear up some of the hateful misunderstandings that Tommy Davis continuously tells us we have about his ‘religion’.

So, John, the following are some of the burning questions that you could apply your wonderful Scientology communication tech to put us right and make the world a better place.

As always, I will publish accurately any response you care to make but please take care to answer all the questions, John. Over to you:

  1. What does the volcano seen on so many Scientology materials signify?
  2. Where has Shelley Miscavige been, for the last few years?
  3. Who is Xenu?
  4. Can you give me a current price list for all Scientology courses, please?
  5. What’s your current position re. Lisa McPherson? Dead on arrival at a distant hospital with a Scilon doctor, or found dead in her hotel room?
  6. Tell us about Operation Snow White.
  7. Why was L Ron Hubbard the “war hero” relieved of command at least twice?
  8. What are “pinks and greys”?
  9. What does the term “wog” mean?
  10. Can you explain the religious philosophy behind “Make money. Make more money. Make other people produce so as to make more money.”
  11. Can we talk to Heber Jentsch, please?
  12. How many hotels feature a Scientology course room?
  13. What was Hubbard’s policy on gays?
  14. What is the Sea Og?
  15. What is Sea Org policy on having children?
  16. Does Scientology have a disconnect policy?
  17. What is the RPF?
  18. What is freeloader debt?
  19. What do Sea Org and staff members make?
  20. What does it mean to offload someone
  21. What does SP declare mean?
  22. Do OT’s have special powers? Like power over MEST? Matter, energy, space and time?
  23. How come nobody has ever seen OT powers in action?
  24. There is an audio of Hubbard saying that he almost got hit by a train near the Van Allen Belt. Please explain?
  25. Will Scientology keep private and personal files on me when auditing?
  26. Will those files ever be used against me if I speak out?
  27. Did Hubbard ever say anything raciest about blacks?
  28. Do Sea Org members really sign a billion year contract?
  29. Can I pay for my courses another time on my time track?
  30. Is it true that Hubbard wrote a book on radiation and said you can get rid of radiation with a garden hose?
  31. What was Hubbard’s policy on smoking? Did he actually say you can get cancer if you don’t smoke enough cigarettes?
  32. The Nation of Islam is now taking Scientology courses, I am confused, please explain?
  33. What are the symptoms of niacin overdose?
  34. Why is the LRH film script “Revolt in the Stars” uncannily like OT3? If it was made into a film, would it kill every non-Scientologist who saw it?
  35. Why do Scientologists commit criminal acts, like murder and assault?
  36. Are psychiatrists really responsible for the Holocaust?
  37. Have you ever raped a baby?
  38. Why isn’t question 37 offensive to your religion?
  39. What level do I need to get to in Scientology before I find out that engrams are just the souls of dead space aliens known as body thetans?

Thanks to AnotherSock, RightOn and over at WhyWeProtest forum for this list!  I can’t wait for the answers to clear up all this nasty misunderstanding.

One Response to “John Mappin expert Scientology communicator: its Question Time!”
  1. God damn it! Get the facts straight. L Ron Hubbard was almost hit by a freight train ON VENUS. He wasn’t in the Van Allen belt at the time.

    Be accurate and stick to the facts, or people will start to think Scientology is just some weird drug-inspired science fiction thing. God damn it!



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