The Truth About A Lie: Film review sparks great comment debate

Highly informative comments debate erupts over new anti-Scientology film ‘The Truth About A Lie’

If you’re a Plymouth resident and you’re wondering what Scientology’s new ‘Plymouth Ideal Org’ intends to bring to your city, then this thread on a Canadian news blog will be highly educational and worth a read.

Featuring comments from a number of ex-Scientologists saying it like it really is, this will give you some idea of the madness Scientology is planning to unleash on Plymouth – all in the name of saving the planet the L.Ron Hubbard way, of course.

You can’t get better evidence of the insanity that is Scientology than hearing it from the people who’ve been there, watched the video AND drunk the Kool Aid.

This will tell you more about Scientology that anything on any Scientology website – or Scientology ‘front group’ website.

Meantime, in case you were thinking that Scientology was just some odd American religion that has nothing to do with you… think again – and read the information on this site.  Hiding under the cloak of registered charities and other front groups (as well as behind an their claim for ‘religious’ status), Scientology is right now brainwashing staff, guests, visitors and locals in the Tintagel area.

As far as Scientologists John and Irina Mappin, Ted Stourton and Duncan Williams (and others) are concerned, Camelot Castle Hotel is just the beginning.

If you’re concerned about what Scientology is doing after reading this, take heart. Although Scientology viciously attacks its critics, you can make a difference anonymously through the Anonymous protest group.  Find out more about via the Camelot Castle Hotel thread on the WhyWeProtest forum.

5 Responses to “The Truth About A Lie: Film review sparks great comment debate”
  1. Re. the picture above… I note that Scientology still uses the famous Satanist Aleister Crowley’s “crossed out cross” as their symbol. LRH was a big fan of Crowleys, but in the 25 years since Hubbard was killed, you’d think they would have managed to come up with a new logo.

  2. Richard Bealey says:

    Is this Plymouth Royal Fleet Hotel in Plymouth UK or Plymouth America ? I know that there is a scientology church in Plymouth UK that just bought a hotel in plymouth uk.

    Exeter UK

  3. Richard Bealey says:

    I don’t see the P:lymouth Scientologist as much as we use too? mybe they have not the 150 staff to run the Royal Fleet Club Plymouth England. Who knows Scientology might be going out of fashion with the public, I would say more Sandras and stress tables on Plymouth UK to get this feel of Scientology as they say at its best?

    Exeter UK

  4. Richard, what the fuck are you doing with ‘plymouth uk’ keywords?? 🙂

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