Ted Stourton: has become “insane and rather scary” in 9 years

Time (and Scientology) haven’t been kind to Ted Stourton, according to old customer

This comment was left on the WhyWeProtest Camelot Castle Hotel thread today.

“I have a friend from France who is a teacher and she took her students to the hotel as they were in the local area. To say the least they had a whale of a time. They viewed the lightbox, which did not go down too well as the students found the whole thing highly hilarious and they could not stop laughing, especially when Ted claimed to be Monet in a previous life. Yes the Claude Monet! He went to view the artist’s house in France and was overwhelmed by a feeling that he had already been there as he knew where everything was etc, so obviously he was Monet in his previous life!

My friend could not believe how Ted had changed as 9 years ago she had bought a painting and thought he was normal but she thought he was insane and rather scary! more to the fact she was horrified as to the fact that she had taken her students there as Scientology is considered a cult in France and is ongoing controversy.”

One thing that we know about John Mappin and Ted Stourton (sadly like all Scientologists) is that they cannot accept feedback from the outside world about their behaviour.That would break the spell.

Many years ago, someone I hadn’t seen for a long time said “You know, when I saw you the other day, I was shocked. You weren’t the GoogleMappin I used to know…”  That really hit me hard but it helped me to realise how I had become over a period of time in a job I didn’t like. That piece of feedback helped me face up to myself, reassess what I was doing – and, ultimately, change career.

Ted – one of these days maybe the feedback you’re getting from the world will get underneath the Scientology armour and do its work and maybe help you change for the better too.

One Response to “Ted Stourton: has become “insane and rather scary” in 9 years”
  1. Chuck Beatty says:

    I think this happens to anyone who decides that their “in” group is safer than the “out” group they used to belong to.

    Isn’t this just human psychology/sociology to turn away from one’s old “in” groups? But I agree, it’s more sanely human to reflect, compare where one was from and where one is now, and be able to converse about old “in” groups one belonged to.

    The Scientology “in” group has gloriously promoted gaudy new buildings, their Chairman of Buildings, David Miscavige, is pushing the renovated buildings phase of Scientology history currently. By numbers of members, Scientology’s overhyped by itself. Chapter 5 of the 2009 Oxford Univ Press anthology by Jim Lewis “Scientology”, disproves the Scientology membership hype.

    “Hype” as a tactic is actually in some of Hubbard’s final years orders/writings to Author Services Inc, which was/is dead Hubbard’s literary agency promoter of his fiction works and the for profit organization that today collects still the license fees and royalty monies from all organizations, including Scientology religious corporations who utilize any of L. Ron Hubbard’s “properties.”

    It’s a religious business corporate web, with the money sucked up into Author Services Inc and the Church of Spiritual Technology. Hubbard in his final years, complained to his Author Services Inc staff that not enough “hype” was being used to promote his final years fictional output, which he also privately said his fiction would lead SOME to his “serious” “work”, meaning his “Battlefield Earth” and “Mission Earth” books would lead some into Scientology.

    Hubbard was/is a piece of work himself. We still have yet to have a great writer/author do the Hubbard story in full. It’s a BIG long story. Today, Chairman of Buildings, David Miscavige, privy to ALL of Hubbard’s final years orders, melds it all within his little Napolean/Stalinesque head, and leads the Scientology movement. Miscavige is focusing on the buildings, the membership is splintering, witness Marty Rathbun’s new independent Scientologists blog.

    I am hoping some serious journalist author writer takes on the whole Hubbard saga.

    Chuck Beatty, ex lifer staffer of Scientology, 1975-2003, promoter and future free assistant to THE author who will take on Hubbard as a subject.

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