Q: What do you call a man who thinks he has an answer to everything?

A: L.Ron Hubbard

This picture is interesting because it was taken at a celebration of Plymouth Scientologists following the purchase of the Royal Fleet Hotel which Scientologists want to turn into an ‘Ideal Org’. It’s interesting because, after all I’ve learned about Scientology recently, I found the image of a Scientologist wearing a dog collar strangely… repugnant.

Its interesting also because of the chart he’s standing in front of. I had not seen this before so I went hunting for it – searching Google for “these materials contain the full basics of the only game in the universe” the wording at the top of the chart.

That led to this breathtaking chart of L.Ron Hubbard’s complete works – hisΒ  answer to everything in the universe.

From this wall of ‘certainty’ I get a real sense of the megalomania of the man. If you have time, explore the detail of this chart and imagine the scale of the money-making system that goes with it. Remember, Scientologists have to pay to study all this material if they are to attain what they believe to be complete spiritual development – to get across the ‘Bridge to Total Freedom’.

For me, there’s something very unsettling about Hubbard’s view of the world in this all-encompassing body of ideas. It’s a suffocating, self-contained reality; an inward-looking, hermetically sealed logic developed in isolation from everything else in the world and untouched by all other insights and wisdom.

6 Responses to “Q: What do you call a man who thinks he has an answer to everything?”
  1. The full scope of L Ron Hubbard’s mental illness is hard to appreciate as an outsider, and impossible to the brainwashed insider. One of Ron’s problems was megalomania. “Ask yourself, what would Ron do?” he used to tell his followers. He made himself their only source for ‘knowledge’ and thinking was positively discouraged.

    This bizarre state of affairs led to Ron writing instructions for his followers on subjects including how to wash a car, and how best to feed an infant. (Ron didn’t like breast milk, and his proposed alternative is terrible. He claimed to have learned it when time-travelling in the Roman empire.)

    Scientology is that bizarre. Ron’s writings are looking increasingly anachronistic now, 26 years after he died… and the cult is finding it harder to fool people into joining.

  2. Scientology has to offer a very comprehensive set of works because it tries so hard to stamp out original thought. Cult victims are taught not to think for themselves, but to always ask “What would Ron do?” Scientology is about memorising and reproducing patterns of activity; it really is slavery of the mind. That’s why Ron Hubbard (megalomaniac, among his various mental illnesses) wrote manuals for his followers on such diverse subjects as how to wash a car (!) and how to feed a baby. (Hubbard claimed to have picked up that handy recipe while time-travelling in ancient Rome… and a generation of Scientologist children have been malnourished as a result. See http://tinyurl.com/ybw243u)

  3. Snow white says:

    you are a dump,dump fuck, mister.most of your postings and website content are false.you slate people who achieve in life, john mappin, ted, irina (really foul comments about this entirely innocent person), david miscavige,duncan williams.how come they are driving smart cars, bentleys, porches, and you by your own admission you are ‘unhappy in your job’ and are simply taking it out on good people. shame on you,mister. you are playing a dangerous game.you really are,myfriend. and as wordpress blurts.we are collecting data.you will get yours, through the window, through the window,… as you tip toe through the tulips with me………………………………… 666…..

    • Ah, thank you Marek. You are clearly the caring face of Scientology.

      I’m pleased that you only think that ‘most’ of my postings are false πŸ™‚

      Also, I’m very happy in my job – you read wrong as I was talking about the past. Unlike you, I’m not envious of anything about John Mappin (or Duncan Williams for that matter). Nor do I dislike John Mappin. Like a lot of people, I do however, believe that what he’s doing at Camelot Castle Hotel is wrong.

      That’s just a moral judgement which you can’t threaten away.

  4. King Arthur says:

    Lets face it, Marek is just another spineless scifag and this kind of response is exactly what should be expected from such drones.

    Retweeted πŸ™‚ please keep delivering the evidence directly to our door Marek! Saves us some work πŸ™‚

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